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CL Firmware V1.04 (Previous version)

Important Notice

<!--- ▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼ Section Importanat Notice ▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼ -----> <ul class="normal"> <li>With the current firmware version, up to two CL5 units and up to eight Rio3224-D units can be used simultaneously.</li> <li>The functions of the GPI connector and the [PREVIEW] key will be used in future updated version.</li> <li>While the PATCHING indicator is lit, a Dante patch setting is being changed. To continue changing Dante patch settings, wait until the PATCHING indicator turns off. It may be a few seconds until the PATCHING indicator turns off.</li> <li>When Dante settings are changed, the ACCESS indicator will light for a few seconds while the CL series stores the settings. Do not turn off the CL unit while the ACCESS indicator is lit. If the CL unit is turned off while the indicator is lit, the settings may not be applied when the unit is started up again.</li> <li>The Rio audio bit rate, latency and W. CLOCK adapt the settings of the CL series where CONSOLE ID is set to #1. These settings will not be applied to Rio if they have been specified with a CL series other than CONSOLE ID #1.</li> <li>If the SECONDARY PORT setting for the CL series and Rio, the CONSOLE ID for the CL series, or UNIT ID for Rio is changed after the Dante audio network has been configured with the CL series and Rio and the system is operating normally, turn off all devices, and then turn them on again. For the procedures, refer to "Specification additions/changes for Yamaha CL5/CL3/CL1 V1.02"<br />If the settings are changed in any way other than with the steps described, a discrepancy will occur in the Dante settings, and it may not operate correctly.</li> <li>After changing network settings in the NETWORK popup window, turn the CL series off, then on again.</li> <li>With the Latest CL series firmware, some specifications have added or changed since the publication of the Owner's Manual and Reference Manual. Please refer to “Specification additions/changes for Yamaha CL5/CL3/CL1 V1.02” about the added and changed specifications.</li> </ul> <!--- ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△ Section Importanat Notice ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△ -----> <!--- ▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼ Section Compatibility ▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼▽▼ -----> <h3 class="headingD01">CL/Rio Compatibility</h3> <div class="tableA01"> <table class="specTable" style="font-size: 0.9em;"> <tbody> <tr> <th rowspan="2">CL Editor</th> <th colspan="3">CL Firmware</th> <th colspan="2">Rio Firmware</th> </tr> <tr> <th class="col">Main</th> <th class="col">SUB</th> <th class="col">DANTE</th> <th class="col">MAIN</th> <th class="col">DANTE</th> </tr> <tr> <td rowspan="3">1.0.0</td> <td>1.02</td> <td rowspan="2">1.02</td> <td rowspan="3"> - - 1.0.4</td> <td rowspan="3">1.02</td> <td rowspan="3"> - - 1.0.4</td> </tr> <tr> <td>1.03</td> </tr> <tr> <td>1.04</td> <td>1.04</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div> <!--- ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△ Section Compatibility ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△ ----->

Fixed Bugs

V1.03 to V1.04

  • Solved a problem in which the controllers in the top panel and the touch screen may freeze with certain panel operations.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Known issues

  • If the CL series is started before Rio, the CL series may not recognize Rio. Turn on the CL series about 20 seconds after turning on Rio. In the same way, when plugging the cable into the Dante connector on a CL series that is already turned on, plug the cable into the CL series about 20 seconds after plugging it into Rio.
  • If a preset file is loaded and patch settings are changed while a CL series and Rio are connected by a Dante audio network, the changes to the patch settings may not be completed. In this case, since it can be confirmed from the Dante Controller window that patching is not applied, load the preset file again.
  • If the Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) is patched to the CL series using the Dante Controller, the patching may not be recalled correctly when the CL series are restarted. Patch the DVS again.
  • Even if the Dante Controller was used for patching the Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) to the CL series, it may not be possible to store or recall DANTE INPUT PATCH settings to or from the library. Use the Dante Controller to patch DVS to the CL series again.
  • When the word clock or audio bit rate are changed with a CL series and Rio connected by a Dante audio network, Rio may be muted and audio may not be outputted. Restart the muted Rio.
  • When Dante devices are not connected to either Primary or Secondary Dante port in "REDUNDANT" mode, CL is muted and audio signals are not output. If no Dante device (such as Rio) is connected to the CL, select "DAISY CHAIN" mode instead.
  • When Dante-MY16-AUD is installed in a slot, it may be unlocked while the Error LED on Dante-MY16-AUD lights in orange for at least 45 seconds or audio may not stream. Restart the unit.
  • When devices with the Dante -MY16-AUD are rebooted, recalling patching of CL series and Dante-MY16-AUD may take several minutes. Wait until the patching is recalled.
  • If Dante-MY16-AUD is set as Slave to External Word Clock, the Sync LED may not light with a green when the device is turned on. Check after unchecking the Slave to External Word Clock by Dante Controller, or reboot the device.
  • In an environment with two or more CL series units, the following malfunctions may occur with the I/O RACK OUTPUT PATCH popup window.
    - A port patched to a different CL series cannot be canceled.
    - When a file is loaded, patching cannot be reproduced, even though the WITH DANTE SETUP AND I/O RACK button was on when the file was loaded.

Upgrade Instruction

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