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DSP5D Firmware V1.27

Important Notice

  • Use the Editor with the supported firmware listed in the following table.

PM5DV2&DSP5D Editor/Firmware Compatibility (Win)

PM5D V2 Editor DSP5D Editor Studio Manager V2 Host PM5D V2 Firmware DSP5D Firmware
2.2.5 2.3.1, 2.3.0 2.26 1.26
2.25 1.25
2.2.4, 2.2.3 2.23 1.23
2.2.2 2.1.7 2.22 1.22
2.2.0 2.20 1.20
2.1.1 2.11 1.11
2.1.0 2.06, 2.05 1.05

PM5DV2&DSP5D Editor/Firmware Compatibility (Mac)

PM5D V2 Editor DSP5D Editor Studio Manager V2 Host PM5D V2 Firmware DSP5D Firmware
2.2.6 2.3.5, 2.3.4 2.26 1.26
2.25 1.25
  • PM5D/DSP5D user data is compatible with later firmware versions, but not with lower firmware versions. Cross-platform compatibility is provided for setup data which is directly saved to a compact flash memory via the PM5DV2, or saved as a ".PM5" file using the Editor
  • The DSP5D Editor cannot go online during DSP5D startup.
  • Communication with the Editor automatically goes offline while the DSP5D is loading a file or synchronizing for cascade connection. Synchronize the Editor with the DSP5D after the process is completed.
  • The following operations cannot be performed on the editor when cascade connection is enabled,
    - Scene and library edting (copy, move, undo, clear, or store).
    - "PC to Console" synchronization (DSP5D).

Main Revisions and Enhancements


  • A minor change in manufacturing and improved quality control process for PM5D and DSP5D requires the new Firmware V1.27 (PM5D V2.27).
    * Older consoles gain no benefit from V1.27 over V1.26 but they can use it and when updating we recommend V1.27.
  • [Caution] New consoles shipped with V1.27 must run on V1.27 or above and cannot be downgraded.

former version information.

DSP5D Firmware V1.26

Fixed Bug
  • Fixed a problem in which white noise would occasionally occur from channels 9 to 12 of the MY16-AT card when using the card.

DSP5D Firmware V1.25

Fixed Bug
  • Use the Editor with the supported firmware listed in the following table.
  • Do not connect any EtherSound devices and software other than AVRed-ES to the DSP5D system. You can use the AVS-ESMonitor software to set up the AVRed-ES, but be sure to physically disconnect the PC on which the ESMonitor is installed before enabling cascade connection.

DSP5D Firmware V1.23

Fixed Bug
  • Fixed a problem in which the MIX/MATRIX/STEREO channels patch where the OUTPUT ISOLATION function was set to ON could be changed by scene recall or by loading a file.
  • Fixed a problem (only in the display) in which the indication for the patch settings did not show when the effect or GEQ module patch was changed from the inserts into the MIX/MATRIX/STEREO channels to the inserts into the INPUT/ST IN channels.
  • Fixed a problem in which the GEQ module patch could be changed even if you locked an INPUT PATCH or OUTPUT PATCH that includes channels into which the GEQ module was inserted in the LOCK PARAMETER SELECT area of the SECURITY screen.

DSP5D Firmware V1.22

Fixed Bug
  • Added a confirmation message to prevent inadvertent erasing of some parts of memory on the DSP5D when enabling the cascade-connection between the PM5D and the DSP5D(s). Blank scenes on the PM5D will erase the scene data of the same number on each DSP5D. The PM5D's library data not associated with a scene will be transmitted and overwritten on each DSP5D to synchronize libraries
  • Fixed a problem in which some of the panel indications would not be correct, such as encoders' PAN indication and name indicators' brightness, and the send operation could not be performed from the ST IN to the MONO bus using the MIX section encoders when different machines' layers were selected on the INPUT channel strip and the ST IN channel strip while the PM5D and the DSP5D(s) were cascade-connected
  • Fixed a problem in which indication of the screen and the panel would occasionally not be consistent when having recalled a scene while two PM5D units were cascade-connected, and the DCA groups and MUTE groups were cascade-linked

DSP5D Firmware V1.20

Fixed Bugs
  • Two DSP5D units now can be cascade-connected and used (PM5D-DSP5D-DSP5D, PM5D-DCU5D-DSP5D-DSP5D, PM5D-DCU5D-DSP5D-DCU5D-DSP5D).
  • Fixed a problem in which the cascade-connected DSP5D units could not properly load a file containing CASCADE TYPE or word clock settings different from the current settings.
  • The DSP5D version and the internal battery status are not now shown when the PM5D and the DSP5D are cascade-connected but the connection is disabled. This is because the DSP5D internal battery was shown incorrectly as "No Battery" when the cascade-connection was disabled.
  • A word clock source incapable of serving as the master clock now cannot be selected on the WORD CLOCK screen when the PM5D and the DSP5D are cascade-connected.
  • After the DSP5D internal memory initialization is complete, the leftmost OUT [TX] LED now keeps flashing until the power is turned off and then on again (the LED used to turn off in about 10 seconds). The four LEDs now flash from the left repeatedly during the initialization (the LEDs used to flash once).
  • When the PM5D/DSP5D for which the cascade-connection is enabled is turned off and then on again, the cascade-connection now becomes enabled automatically. Until the cascade-connection is enabled, a "Waiting for Auto Cascade Sync" message is now shown. To cancel the cascade-connection being enabled, select machine #1 (PM5D) then disable the cascade-connection using the CASCADE ENABLED/DISABLED button.
  • Fixed a problem in which the PM5D-RH was disconnected from the AD8HR and/or the AD8HR gain setting was changed to 6-dB steps when five or more AD8HR units were connected to the PM5D-RH for extended periods.
  • Scenes are now recalled faster when the PM5D and the DSP5D are cascade-connected.
  • Fixed a problem in which the fader levels shown on the FADER ASSIGN screen sometimes differed from the actual levels.
  • Fixed a problem in which the CH to MIX and MIX to MATRIX parameters were not recalled properly when a scene in which MIX channels were paired during PREVIEW was recalled.
  • Fixed a problem in which the previous effects sometimes kept being applied when a scene that would change the internal effects to the GEQ modules was recalled.

DSP5D Firmware V1.11

Fixed Bug
  • The Global Paste function now works properly even when cascade-connection is enabled.
  • Even when cascade-connection is enabled, scene editing operations (insert, cut, paste, clear) and undo operations for scene store/recall now work properly.
  • Fixed a problem in which a scene shown in the scene list could not be sometimes recalled or edited (insert, cut, paste, clear) if a scene was edited several times.
  • Even when a device other than machine #1 (PM5D) is selected as the target of the PM5D's panel operations and a scene including a fade time setting is recalled, the faders now move properly according to the fade time setting.
  • DME control functions routed through an MY16-CII card now work properly.
  • Fixed a problem in which a scene could not be undone if the DIRECT RECALL function was assigned to a User Defined Key and the scene was recalled.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when the internal effects were used for the GEQ module.
  • Fixed a problem in which cascade-connection (PM5D — DCU5D — DSP5D) would occasionally not be restored even if the network was restored after the connection was temporarily disconnected due to network failure, etc.

License agreement and software

DSP5D Firmware V1.27

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