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MY8-LAKE Firmware

Important Notice

  • In the version of Firmware v2.93, bundled with Lake Controller V6.5.1, a bug that channels sometimes had shifter output is fixed which could occur in the v2.86 during the operation after changing Frame Config.
  • In the version of Firmware v2.45, bundled with Lake Controller V6.3.1, a bug of incorrect signal routing is fixed which could occur in the v2.41 when using Contour Module in either setting of CL4way, CL3w+1a, 4aux.
  • In the versions prior to v2.37, an unexpected reboot could occur on the MY8-LAKE when used the card with a certain brand of switch. Please use v2.37 or later to prevent it.

How to install the firmware

The MY8-LAKE Firmware is bundled with the Lake Controller. Please download it from the Lab.gruppen website.

Please refer to the chapter 25 "Firmware Update"of the "Lake Controller Operation Manual".


You also need to download these files.

You are recommended to download these files.

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