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Studio Manager V2 Host V2.3.3-4 for Mac OS X (Previous version)

Important Notice

  • Caution: As of Oct. 19th, 2011, we confirm that Studio Manager V2 Host and every editor which run on Studio Manager V2 Host don't work correctly on Mac OS 10.7.2. Please do NOT UPGRADE to 10.7.2 for a while before the countermeasure will be provided.
  • The Studio Manager V2 Host is for use with the Editor software and either the USB-MIDI Driver or Network Driver. Be sure to use the latest versions of both the Driver and Editor available from this site.

Main Revisions and Enhancements

  • Now provides the uninstaller. (The Studio Manager has not been changed.)
    With this uninstaller, Studio Manager (V2.x.x) of a previous version is also uninstallable. Follow the instructions below to uninstall the Studio Manager.
    1. After the downloaded compressed file is properly extracted, double-click the file “Uninstall Studio”.
    2.Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the software.

System Requirements

  • Make sure that the computer you are using satisfies the recommended system requirements for each editor software. For details about the system requirements, refer to the download page for each editor.

License agreement and software

Studio Manager V2 Host V2.3.3-4 for Mac OS X (Previous version)

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