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SWP1 Firmware Rev.2.01.07

Important Notice

How to update the firmware

For details, refer to the "Yamaha LAN Monitor User Guide." and the help menu in Web GUI.

  1. Connect the SWP1 and the computer with LAN cables.
    Connect with the port of the SWP1 set to “VLAN 1.” (In this condition, it is not necessary to disconnect devices connected to the other ports.)
  2. Start the Yamaha LAN Network Monitor.
  3. Select the SWP1 for update in the tree view.
  4. Click the [Web GUI] button on the device detail view.
    Under the factory settings, the user name is set to “administrator” and the password is blank.
  5. Select [Management] → [Maintenance] → [Update firmware], then click the [Next] button in "Update firmware from PC."
  6. Click the [Select a file] button, and then select the firmware file with the extension “.bin” that you’ve downloaded and expanded.
  7. Click the [OK] button.
  8. Click the [Execute] button.

Wait until the update is completed. SWP1 automatically restarts and is ready to use.

Main Revisions and Enhancements

Fixed bugs

  • Solved a problem in which multicast may not be transferred between switches when changing VLAN settings from preset while IGMP/MLD snooping is enabled. Dante network uses multicast transfer for device detection, PTP and multicast flow. Yamaha products also may be using multicast transfer for device detection or meter communication.
  • Solved a problem in which the SWP1 continues to send IGMP/MLD queries even when the switch is set as “no igmp snooping querier” or “no mld snooping querier.”
  • Solved a problem in which VLAN association of a LAN/SFP port is changed by “VLAN 1” when you associate the LAN/SFP port configured as an access port with new static or new LACP logical interface.
  • Fixed some other minor problems.


We recommend the following web browser for use with the Web GUI.

  • Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Mac: Apple Safari 7 or later

former version information.

SWP1 Firmware Rev.2.01.05

Fixed bugs

  • Now the SWP1's own IP address settings are stored to the internal "backup config" memory when updating them from Yamaha LAN Monitor software (the name is changed from Yamaha Audio Network Monitor). Therefore, the updated IP address is properly restored after rebooting the SWP1.
  • Fixed some other minor problems

SWP1 Firmware Rev.2.01.04

New Features

  • Now supports IPv6.
  • You can now change the load balancing rule for link aggregation from the Web GUI.


  • The link aggregation settings of VLAN PRESET Normal/A/B have been changed from "LACP mode" to "static mode".
    This makes it possible to communicate even if the connected switch is not using link aggregation. With this specification change, communication with SWP1 Rev.2.01.03 or earlier cannot be performed between these ports. Please upgrade all SWP1 devices to Rev. 2.01.04 or later.
  • The default setting of load balancing rule for link aggregation has been changed from MAC address based rule to IP address based rule. As a result, Dante's audio signal communication may be distributed, which may improve the communication load.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed some other minor problems.

SWP1 Firmware Rev.2.01.03

Changed specifications

  • Changed the combination of the link aggregation of the trunk line of VLAN PRESET B, allowing you to use two trunk lines.
    [SWP1-8 / SWP1-8MMF]
    (Old) Ports 7, 8, 9, 10 = Trunk 1
    (New) Ports 7, 8 = Trunk 1
    Ports 9, 10 = Trunk 2
    (Old) Ports 15, 16, 17, 18 = Trunk 1
    (New) Ports 15, 16 = Trunk 1
    Ports 17, 18 = Trunk 2
  • Now allows access from a host belonging to a network segment different than the segment of the SNMP-enabled VLAN.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a problem in which two or more devices of SWP1 in the network, when the IGMP snooping function was in effect, depending on the order of starting or timing of devices, multicast communication might not have been transmitted between switches.
    Through this, the following conditions have been eliminated or minimized:
    • Two or more PTP masters of Dante appeared, and noise was added to the sound.
    • The multicasting sound of Dante was cut off.
    • In addition, the control communication using multicasting did not function.The above-mentioned faults had occurred due to the following compound factors:
    • In the IGMP Snooping function, when a multicasting receiving terminal ended reception, multicast transfer to the multicasting router port might be suspended.
    • A multicast frame might not be transmitted when the number of ports of link aggregation fluctuated, while the link aggregation logical interface was using the IGMP Snooping function.
    • In the IGMP Snooping function, when a multicasting router port had a multicasting receiving terminal and the multicasting router port was changed by the path change by a spanning tree function, etc., multicasting transmission was not performed normally.
  • Fixed a problem in which immediately after starting, the CPU activity ratio might become high.
  • Fixed a problem when VLAN to which DHCP is set was deleted, the CPU activity ratio became 100%.
  • Fixed a problem in which invalid information was transmitted when an acquisition demand of "IP address settings" information was received from the Yamaha Audio Network Monitor.
  • Fixed a problem in which, on the "Create VLAN" page of Web GUI, incorrect information may have been displayed on the item of the IP address.
  • Fixed some other minor problems.

License agreement and software

SWP1 Firmware Rev.2.01.07

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