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SWR2311P-10G Firmware V2.02.09

Important Notice

How to update the firmware

For details, please refer to the "Yamaha LAN Monitor User Guide" and the help of Web GUI.

  1. Connect the SWR2311P-10G and the computer with LAN cables.
    Please connect with the port set as VLAN 1 of SWR2311P-10G.
  2. Start the Yamaha LAN Monitor.
  3. Select the SWR2311P-10G for update at tree view.
  4. Click the [Web GUI] button on the device detail view.
    With the factory settings, a user name is “administrator” and a password is (blank).
  5. Select [Management] -> [Maintenance] -> [Update firmware], then click [Next] button on "Update firmware from PC."
  6. Click the [Select a file] button, then select the firmware file of extension .bin downloaded and decompressed.
  7. Click the [OK] button.
  8. Click the [Execute] button.

Wait until completing the update. SWR2311P-10G automatically restarts and becomes ready to use.

Main Revisions and Enhancements


New Features

  • Added the command for the internal information of the SWR2311P-10G to be copied to the micro SD card (backup system).
  • Added the command for the internal information of the SWR2311P-10G to be restored from the micro SD card (restore system).
  • Added the command which enables or disables the SD card boot function of the firmware (boot prioritize sd).
  • Added the command which shows the status of TFTP server (show tftp-server).
  • Added the command which sets log-in timeout time for HTTP server (http-server login-timeout).
  • Added a mail sending test function to [Email notification] of the detailed Web GUI settings


  • The ACL function can filter IPv4 packets with TCP flag (ACK / FIN / PSH / RST / SYN / URG).
  • In Voice VLAN, VLAN and QoS can be set for IP phones using LLDP.
  • The SFP light reception level is displayed in the [System information] gadget on the Web GUI dashboard.
  • The maintenance VLAN is displayed as an accessible interface in [Access management] -> [Various server settings] of Web GUI management.
  • Improved handling of vulnerability concerning VLAN name in Web GUI.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a problem in the spanning tree, in which communication of the access port may have been interrupted when using the MST instance.
  • Fixed a problem in the spanning tree, in which information on the ARP received on the port in the blocked state was registered in the ARP table.
  • Fixed a problem in IGMP snooping, in which if you changed the setting while the VLAN is linking down, it may not have been reflected in the operation.
  • Fixed a problem in IGMP snooping that the setting might not be reflected in the query's IP address or QQIC value.
  • Fixed a problem that IGMP snooping might not have reflected the setting value in the Web GUI.
  • Fixed a problem in which an unnecessary error log might have been recorded at startup.
  • Fixed the following problems in the [Dashboard] of the Web GUI.
    • Warning icon would not appear in interface information gadget when detecting light reception level error on SFP port
    • If you separate the SYSLOG gadget, only 10 items would be displayed even if you changed the display count
  • Fixed the following problems in the [Detailed settings] of the Web GUI.
    • When setting new settings duplicating existing settings on the setting page of [Routing], notice that overwriting the setting is not displayed as a caution text
    • Characters other than alphanumeric symbols can be set as explanation of the interface on the following pages
      [Interface settings] -> [Physical interface settings]
      [Link Aggregation] -> [Logical interface settings]
  • Fixed the following problems in the [Management] of the Web GUI.
    • When setting the current date and time from [Unit settings], an error would be output even if the setting was successful
  • Fixed some other minor problems.

Known issues

  • If you connect the VXL1 Series P model to the SWR2311P-10G in a Dante network with SWP1 and SWR2311P-10G mixed together, multiple Dante devices may become Clock Master or sound drop-out may occur.
    In this case, before connecting VXL1, set [Automatic settings using LLDP] in [Management] -> [Dante optimization settings] of SWR2311P-10G Web GUI to be invalid, and set Dante optimizing.

License agreement and software

SWR2311P-10G Firmware V2.02.09

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