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Tio1608-D Firmware V1.03

Important Notice

Caution when updating

R Remote V4.1 or later needs to be used in order to update the firmware.

R Remote download page: Windows / Mac

Dante Controller:

TF Series Firmware/Editor Compatibility

Please make sure to use appropriate version of Editor software which is compatible with your console firmware in reference to the following compatibility chart. Using an unsupported Firmware/Editor and other related software combination may result in unexpected behavior.

Main Revisions and Enhancements

V1.02 to V1.03

  • Solved a problem in which, when the DIP Switch 5/6 on the rear panel (IP Address Mode) was set to “Static IP Manual, “ the Default Gateway setting would not work properly.

former version information.

Tio1608-D Firmware V1.02

  • Solved a problem in which some errors might not be indicated properly.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Tio1608-D Firmware V1.01

New features

  • Now supports the AES67 standard for audio-over-IP interoperability.
  • Now supports the "Dante Device Lock" function.


  • Added error status indications with the [SYSTEM] indicator if the DIP-switch settings and the actual Dante settings are different.
  • Changed the specification to decide the IP address after the DHCP server has been found when the DIP-switches 2 and 3 (IP Address Mode) are set to the DHCP mode. If you want to set the IP address automatically without a DHCP server, set the IP Address Mode to the Auto IP mode.

Bug fix

  • Solved a problem in which remote controls from the CL/QL/TF series may not work properly.

License agreement and software

Tio1608-D Firmware V1.03

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