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Swedish Education Embraces WORKproCA Loudspeakers

May, 2012

In 2011, Yamaha Commercial Audio announced an exclusive distribution agreement for Spanish manufacturer Equipson’s WORKproCA contractor series. Since then, the series has been used in a wide range of installations across Europe. One sector that has seen extensive use of the products is Swedish education, where systems need to be both efficient and highly cost-effective.

Malmö-based AV Syd is one of Sweden’s leading AV sales and installation companies. The company has found the WORKproCA range to be very popular for its education clients.

“Our school installations are usually a package deal with a projector, speakers, screen (or interactive whiteboard) and so on,” says Magnus Kronström, AV Syd Purchasing Manager.

“We have done many school installations using the WORKproCA Neo 60 Ai loudspeakers and they have been an unqualified success. Budgets are always tight in the education sector and being able to install a versatile unit that is highly cost-effective, yet both sounds and looks good is of great benefit to both our clients and to us as a supply and installation company.”

Recent such installations that feature the Neo 60 Ai loudspeakers include 15 classrooms at the Ekbackeskolan school in Osby, 10 classrooms in the Korsbackaskolan school at Kävlinge, five at Frölundaskolan in Göteborg and two in Dammhagsskolan at Landskrona.

The Neo 60 Ai is a self-powered, two-way unit which is supplied as a matched pair of active and passive loudspeakers. Each features a 6.5 inch driver and a one inch tweeter with an output of 30w. The active unit features a Class D amplifier for minimal weight and heat, with integrated volume, bass and treble controls and a built in anti-clip circuit.

Available in black or white, it features a wall-mount bracket with fast mounting system. Measuring 200 x 290 x 175 mm, pairs of Neo 60 Ai can be mounted precisely where sound is needed, with the minimum of difficulty.


Location Malmö, Sweden

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