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Australia’s Newest Studio and Training Facility Selects Nuage, QL & R-Series

Aug, 2014

Based in Newcastle, 90º Studio Training Facility is Australia’s newest commercial studio and training facility. The impressive array of courses are designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in music technology and recording – no matter the experience level. When it came to selecting the centrepiece of the control room, Nuage was the clear choice.

The 90º Studio Training Facility is a multi-purpose studio facility based around the traditional control- and live-room configuration. Also on-site is a comprehensive workstation-style production and tuition suite. These combine to enable the studio to deliver a unique education and training environment for commercial audio courses whilst also offering technical services and solutions. The facility is physically located within Muso’s Corner – one of Australia’s largest musical instrument retailers – meaning that the studio also operates as a demonstration facility for it’s vast array of outboard equipment, monitor speakers and microphones.

Allon Silove is the director of 90º Studio Training Facility.
“In the Studio Showroom, you can listen to and compare studio equipment brands just as you would a guitar or amplifier, a first in Australian music retail services.

“Our high quality commercial audio courses cater to all levels of skill and interest alongside professional development programs for secondary teachers.

“In addition, our Technical Services can offer complete audio solutions from consumer to the professional and high-end levels of the music and audio industries; from software training to hardware configurations; acoustic treatment solutions to studio design.”

During the design stage of the studio, it was immediately evident that a great deal of versatility was required of the equipment but, of particular importance, was that the studio’s various configurations could be recalled quickly. This specific requirement was made possible using the Dante digital audio network protocol.

Mick Hughes – Yamaha Music Australia’s Commercial Audio Sales & Marketing Manager – adds “Whilst Nuage forms the visible centre of the studio, a number of R-series I/O racks, a QL1 digital mixing console, multiple Nuage NIO I/O racks and various third-party components are being managed by Dante Controller. This allows the huge selection of outboard and microphones to be quickly patched from anywhere, to anywhere. The NIO500-A8D8 and NIO500-A16 units are making integration of all the classic analog compressors and EQ’s an absolute delight. We also have multiple monitor speakers including our own HS-series being switched effortlessly by Nuendo’s control room functionality. This studio perfectly demonstrates how our products integrate across multiple roles.”

With the studio also offering post-production services, Silove adds: “The studio’s control room is based around Yamaha & Steinberg’s Nuage Master Control and Fader suite, chosen for its versatility and incredible efficiency in an audio post-production work environment. Working in concert with Steinberg’s Nuendo 6, Nuage allows the studio to demonstrate the latest in networked audio work-flow and analogue to digital system integration.”


Products NUAGE , QL Series , R Series (AD/DA)
Location New South Wales, Australia

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