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Coming this April: CL/QL V3.0 with even more features than announced in September, plus StageMix V5.0

Feb, 2015

February 2, 2015. Shizuoka, Japan – The feature set for the CL/QL Version 3.0 update announced in September 2014 has been expanded even further, with final release scheduled for April this year. In addition to the CL/QL update, the fifth major update of the StageMix application for iPad, a popular app that has evolved steadily since its 2010 debut, will be released at the same time.

With the expanded CL/QL V3.0 feature set and the capabilities provided by StageMix V5.0 a sweeping spectrum of applications, from live sound FOH and monitor mixing to broadcast relay and recording at venues from the grandest to a the most compact, will benefit from significantly enhanced convenience and flexibility.

The new features for each new release are summarized below.

Additional CL/QL V3.0 Features (Features already announced in September are not included)

  • User Defined Knobs can now control effect parameters
    It is now possible to assign the User Defined Knobs to control reverb time, delay time, and other effect parameters. This provides direct, quick access to effect parameters that could previously only be accessed by calling up the effect screen.
  • RMio64-D control support
    It is now possible to set up patching and SRC for the RMio64-D Dante/MADI conversion I/O rack unit from the CL/QL V3.0 display.
  • Output Channel Link
    Channel Link, previously only available at the inputs, is now available at the channel outputs as well. The EQ and dynamics settings on multiple buses can be linked to significantly reduce setup times.
  • Dual oscillators
    Two internal oscillators can now be set to different frequencies for the odd and even numbered channels. This can be an advantage for L/R line checks, for example.
  • One-action L-MONO/R-MONO/LR-MONO conversion
    It is now possible to convert signals received at a stereo channel into mono with a single action. L-MONO coverts the odd-numbered channel to mono, R-MONO converts the even-numbered channel to mono, and LR-MONO mixes both channels and converts to mono. All of these functions can be executed with just one touch.
  • Show Send Level on Meter Window
    The send levels for all channels are now shown in the METER display when SENDS ON FADERS is engaged.
  • Dante Preferred Master button added
    It is now possible to set the CL/QL console to Preferred Master directly from the CL/QL V3.0 display, without the need for a Dante controller. When Preferred Master is engaged the device becomes the highest priority Dante network clock master.

New CL/QL V3 features announced in September 2014 are viewable here

New StageMix V5.0 Features (Common to CL/QL/M7CL/LS9 versions)

  • Real Time Analyzer via iPad microphone
    A 61 band real time analyzer that receives input from the built-in iPad microphone is now included. This function is integrated with the PEQ/GEQ displays, allowing a sound engineer to move around the stage while checking for problem frequencies at various locations, and use PEQ or GEQ to make appropriate adjustments on the spot.
  • Mix to Matrix Sends
    It is now possible to adjust the send level from the SENDS ON FADERS button to the MATRIX when the Mix block is selected in the Navigation/Meter Bridge.
  • Support for dB display in the Mixer window
    Fader scales can now be displayed in the Mixer window, allowing easy visual confirmation of fader positions.

New StageMix V5.0 Features (CL/QL version only)

  • Support for multiple iPad connections
    Previous versions only allowed one device to be connected at a time, but V5.0 allows up to five devices to be connected simultaneously. This means that engineers and musicians can control the mix from multiple locations for sound check or live mixing.
  • 8-band parametric equalizer control
    Control for the new 8-band PEQ feature included in the CL/QL V3.0 update is provided. Of course the notch filter and HPF/LPF can be controlled as well.
  • Surround panning control
    Control for the new surround panning feature included in the CL/QL V3.0 update is provided. In addition to flexible control via the touch-panel display, the L/R or F/R axis can be locked so that control is restricted to front-rear or left-right as required.
  • USB recorder control
    The main functions of the USB flash memory recorder built into the CL and QL consoles can now be controlled: select a song title and play, adjust input level and start recording, and more.


“After a long wait the CL/QL V3.0 update is ready to be released this April, and we are delighted to be able to provide a number of previously unannounced features that make the update even more significant” notes Ken Hiraoka, Yamaha PA department manager. “Our popular StageMix application for iPad has also undergone substantial evolution and, in addition to other new features, now includes a real time analyzer that works with the built-in iPad microphone. The CL/QL version of StageMix now also allows multiple iPad connections, a feature that many users have been waiting for. We are committed to remaining open to feedback from our users so that we can provide products that fulfill their needs and provide real benefits in the working environment.“

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