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ALL IN ONE – Newly Conceived With NUAGE

Mar, 2015

In the ancient masonry of the former steelworks Radwerk XIV which dates from the 16th century, the company POMTEC has developed an All-in-One studio-concept for the Radwerk 14 studios, which covers all main-areas of audio-production on the base of Yamaha´s NUAGE. With the current versions of Nuendo6.5 and Cubase Pro8 this studio-model will also serve as Austria´s NUAGE demo facility.

"For me, NUAGE is the most future-oriented controller-solution on the market", states Peter Moritz from POMTEC.

"The current music- and film-industry is bringing the areas of recording/mixing/programming/Post-Pro and mastering more and more together – why not design a studio, in which all these functions can be
best served from ONE workplace only?"

The idea:
To be able to cover each branch of production within seconds by an optimal audio-visual and ergonomic adaption of the workplace.
In addition to commercial use, the interested NUAGE customer will be in a position to become acquainted with the system during operation, to check out all features and to see and use it as a model (“starting-point”) for their own studio planning.

Planning and Realization Details/Issues:

    • 1 sweetspot which covers various tasks and listening-options with audio-visual preset-memories in 2 seating-directions.
    • Sitting height related to ergonomics (NUAGE Controller <> Piano) and acoustics; the right side offers the producer/programming area with a custom-built keyboard and various controllers.
    • A total recall establishes a dedicated working-situation with the project-start from Cubase/Nuendo,which ranges from recording to film music composing with complex VST Instruments/PlugIns and Vienna MIR.
    • A free configurable 8x8 video matrix serves 8 displays for 3 main workstations, 2 remote computers & TV
    • All computers are top-of-the-range TAO-DAW´s of the companies KSmusic und POMTEC
      ・Master DAW for Nuendo/Cubase and NUAGE (TAO X79-E5/Xeon12core, 64GB RAM - VSL certified)
      ・TAO-Slave – VSL certified PC for Samples & Mediabay
      ・Macbook Pro & 2 further computers for dubbing, samples & studio management.

    • Audio-I/O:
      ・A hybrid MADI/Dante setup offers presets for each working situation.
      ・Microphone-, monitoring- and outboard-signal paths (incl. 5 headphone cues) are freely configurable in routing presets and stored with Nuendo/Cubase projects.

    • Monitoring:
      A monitoring matrix based upon the hybrid MADI/Dante connection offers monitoring, metering and audio-transfer in production up to 96 kHz in mastering to 192 kHz.
      Speaker-setups are integrated in production- and audio-I/O presets and thus offer monitoring for
      ・Stereo nearfield - front
      ・Stereo main monitors - front
      ・Stereo midfield – side for programming and editing
      ・5.1 Surround

During construction from left to right:
Peter Moritz (POMTEC): planning, construction, system administration
Andreas Stiegler (KSmusic): computer-construction, support and assembling
Sebastian Rodens (Yamaha), Toni Kindler (KSmusic), Robert Jurik (Yamaha)


Products NUAGE
Location Austria

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