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CL/QL Versions 3.1 offers RSio64-D Control and More. StageMix, R Remote, Other Related Software Also Updated.

Aug, 2015

August 24, 2015. Shizuoka, Japan – Firmware update Version 3.1 is now available for the CL series digital mixing consoles that have become worldwide industry standards, and the compact all-in-one QL series that is a favorite in a wide range of applications.

The CL/QL Version 3.1 update adds a number of new features, including control of the Dante/Mini-YGDAI format converting RSio64-D I/O rack. Updates are also available for the StageMix application for iPad, the R Remote application, and the Console File Converter application that provides broad data compatibility between Yamaha digital mixing consoles. All of these significantly enhance the convenience and operability of the CL and QL series consoles.

New Features in CL/QL Version 3.1

  • Pan Law Parameter
    A Pan Law parameter with CENTER NOMINAL and LR NOMINAL settings has been added to monaural input channels. When CENTER NOMINAL is selected nominal level is produced when the channel is panned to center, and when LR NOMINAL is selected nominal level is produced when the channel is panned full L or R.
  • Improved Cascade Setup
    DCA, MUTE MASTER, and other settings have been added to CASCADE LINK. An attenuator has also been added to the CASCADE input. RECALL SAFE, FOCUS, and GLOBAL PASTE now have independent CASCADE IN and CASCADE OUT settings.
  • RSio64-D Control
    RSio64-D I/O rack patches (between the CL/QL and RSio64-D), the user routing pattern, and sampling rate converter control can all be accessed directly via the CL/QL Version 3.1 display.
  • Remote Control of Third-party Preamplifiers
    In addition to the Yamaha Rio3224-D, Rio1608-D, and Ri8-D preamps, remote control support is now available for preamps from third-party manufacturers. Third-party preamp remote control is only available via the primary port. Two third-party products are currently supported: the Focusrite RedNet 4 and RedNet MP8R.
  • Simultaneously Update Console and Dante Firmware from USB Flash Drive
    It is now possible to update both the console firmware and the Dante firmware from a USB flash drive in one operation. R series firmware and Dante firmware must still be updated independently (the ability to simultaneously update R series and Dante firmware from the R Remote application is planned for a future release).

New Features in StageMix Version 5.1 (CL/QL/M7CL/LS9 StageMix)

  • 121 Band Real Time Analyzer (RTA) Support
    Expanding on the 61 band capability of the current Real Time Analyzer that uses the built-in iPad microphone, a 121 band mode is now selectable via the SETUP screen.
  • STEREO/MONO Bus Assignment
    It is now possible to make STEREO/MONO bus assignments when the mixer window is in the PAN mode.

New Features in StageMix Version 5.1 (CL/QL StageMix only)

  • Improved USB Recorder
    The timeline dot can be dragged to change the playback point, or the desired playback point (time) can be entered numerically.
  • SINE 2CH Added to Oscillator
    Selection and control of the dual oscillator (SINE 2CH) added in CL/QL Version 3.0 is now available in StageMix.

New Features in R Remote Version 3

  • RSio64-D Control
    R Remote now allows control of SRC settings and other parameters for the Dante/Mini-YGDAI format converting RSio64-D I/O rack. The user pattern can be accessed and edited via the Grid Patch window.
  • RMio64-D Control
    R Remote now allows control of SRC settings and other parameters for the Dante/MADI converting RMio64-D I/O rack.

New Features in Console File Converter Version 3

  • Support for CL/QL Firmware Version 3.1
    It is now possible to convert PM5D and CL/QL surround pan, divergence, and LFE level data.

Yamaha PA department manager Ken Hiraoka comments: “We are delighted to be able to announce a number of important new features, with RSio64-D I/O rack control capability as a vital cornerstone. Regular meaningful updates to the CL/QL series digital mixing consoles and R series I/O racks have made them industry mainstays for touring, theatrical productions, and other live sound applications, as well as corporate events, broadcasting, and more. We are dedicated to continue listening to our customers and delivering products and updates that offer real improvements for their work environment.”


- CL Firmware V3.10: CL5 / CL3 / CL1
- QL Firmware V3.10: QL5 / QL1
- R Series Firmware V3.10: Rio3224-D / Rio1608-D / Ri8-D / Ro8-D / RMio64-D
- CL Editor V3.1.0: for Win / for Mac
- QL Editor V3.1.0: for Win / for Mac
- R Remote V3.0.0: for Win / for Mac
- Console File Converter V3.0.0: for Win / for Mac(V3.0.0 for Mac is coming soon.)

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