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ProVisionaire Touch V1.1 with Enhanced Design Efficiency

Jan, 2016

The ProVisionaire Touch application for iPad provides wireless control of MTX/MRX series signal processors in conference rooms, retail stores, restaurants, banquet halls and other commercial spaces, with control interfaces that can be easily custom designed to suit individual systems. In this update the control panel design features have been refined for even greater convenience and finer control, providing notable improvements in overall efficiency.

New Features in ProVisionaire Touch V1.1

Enhanced Control and Convenience for Control Panel Design

Multiple widget selection for efficient editing, intuitive text entry for buttons and text boxes (rectangles), undo and redo functions that apply to widget repositioning and resizing, and other refinements have been added to increase overall editing efficiency. The time and operations required for design and editing have been significantly reduced, making this an even more powerful control panel creation tool.

Finer Slider Adjustment Boosts Audio Control Quality

A scrub function with finer slider settings has been added. Finer control over MTX/MRX series PEQ gain settings, for example, allows greater precision for system setup and can therefore contribute to improved sound quality.

New Features

  • Multiple widgets can be selected for simultaneous design editing control.
  • Undo/redo functions apply to widget repositioning and resizing.
  • Text entry for buttons or rectangles can now be initiated by double tapping.
  • A scrub function with finer slider adjustment has been added.
  • MTX3/MTX5-D PEQ Gain parameters can now be assigned to sliders.
  • Now compatible with the iPad Pro.

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