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Nuage the Perfect Choice for New Globo TV Series

Mar, 2016

Nuage impresses the engineer in charge of recording the orchestral soundtrack for a major Brazilian TV series.

“Velho Chico” is a major prime time TV drama series produced and broadcast by Rede Globo of Brazil, and it deserves a top-quality soundtrack. To support and enhance the saga of a family living in a town on the São Francisco river in Bahia, the network enlisted the talents of the Heliópolis Orchestra, recorded with a Yamaha Nuage system.

The series premiered on March 14, 2016, featuring 26 songs written by composer and regent Tim Rescala. Recording a score of this scale involves more than simply setting up microphones and pressing the Record button. “It is a full-blown film scoring process that requires a dedicated communication system with remote recording indicators, a variety of headphone monitor feeds, and speakers for communication between the maestro and orchestra,” explains chief engineer Clement Zular. According to Zular, a five-man crew and approximately a ton of equipment were needed to record the full orchestra plus choir, two solo instruments, and two solo vocalists.

This was a major undertaking, and the Yamaha Nuage system was crucial. The Nuage hardware and interfaces integrate seamlessly with Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW software, forming a system that offers unprecedented productivity and flexibility with superb audio quality. “The system has incredible resources that make it easy to resolve a variety of issues during recording,” comments Zular, citing the system’s optimized workflow, versatility, and editing speed. “Nuage places all controls within easy reach, making overall execution much faster.”

Zular continues: “The thing that pleases me the most with Yamaha is reliability. You know that once a project is started there won’t be any need for changes or upgrades.” And that is why Clement Zular has used Yamaha products since his career began towards the end of the 1970s. He jokes: “My studio is practically a Yamaha showroom.”


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