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Yamaha Showcases EMX2 Portable Powered Mixer At ProLight+Sound 2016

Apr, 2016

Yamaha continues to develop practical and flexible solutions for all areas of the audio market - from high end professionals through to keen amateurs. The EMX2 portable powered mixer brings Yamaha technology to the most modest mixing application, as visitors to ProLight+Sound and MusikMesse 2016 will be able to see.

The EMX2 is a lightweight,10 channel analogue powered mixer designed to allow even users with no previous audio experience to easily configure a sound reinforcement system. Its all-in-one design ensures that by just plugging in a single power cable and making a few simple, intuitive connections to loudspeakers and input sources, anyone can be their own sound engineer. All controls and connections are on the front panel, meaning ease of access and an immediate visual reference are available at all times.

The EMX2's 37.5cm x 22cm x 15cm dimensions and 4.2kg weight make it exceptionally portable. Provided with in-built handles, it will easily fit alongside speakers in the boot of even a small car. Optional adaptors also mean it can be mounted on a microphone stand, giving a performer or speaker quick and convenient control of all features, or slotted into a standard 19” rack.

The EMX2 is designed to be used in a wide range of applications and environments. From community centres, houses of worship, meeting rooms, offices and council chambers to parties, pubs, clubs and small outdoor events, its features are ideal for presentations, seminars, speeches, DJs, live music and karaoke. It is also a great solution for mixing announcements with background music or other pre-recorded audio, such as at community or small sporting events.

Featuring four mono mic/line inputs with three stereo line inputs, it is equipped with phantom power on channels 1-2 and a high-impedance input on channel 4, allowing users to use high-performance condenser microphones and connect an electric guitar directly without any additional equipment. Inputs 9-10 feature an additional stereo 3.5mm jack, ideal for sourcing music from personal playback devices.

The EMX2 features two sets of L-R outputs, one set for a loudspeaker system (with selectable 4 or 8 ohm impedance) and the other for monitors, as well as a dedicated subwoofer output. As the EMX2 is active, passive speakers can be easily connected to complete the audio system, with the option of a Yamaha DXS Series powered subwoofer for applications that require a more prominent bass performance.

The EMX2 includes high-quality Yamaha reverb effects, with an intuitive single rotary control to select the type and depth of four types - Hall, Plate, Room and Echo. It also includes Yamaha’s unique digital feedback suppressor technology - activated by a single push switch - to instantly eliminate feedback.

For the final touch, the EMX2's 1-Knob Master EQ™ lets the user apply optimised EQ settings with the simple turn of a rotary control. The Speech setting is geared towards meetings, seminars or conferences with a limited lower end for clear, defined speech; the Music setting offers a more balanced sound tailored to acoustic or band performances and the Bass Boost setting is ideal for DJ performances or audio playback that puts a priority on emphasising bass frequencies.

Yamaha is exhibiting at Hall 3.1, Booth E50 at ProLight+Sound 2016, which takes place at Frankfurt Messe from 5th - 8th April 2016 and Hall PH.V, Stand A01 at MusikMesse, which takes place at the same venue from 7th - 10th April 2016.

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