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New Compact RPio222 I/O Rack Boosts RIVAGE PM10 System Flexibility

Apr, 2016

April 5, 2016. Shizuoka, Japan – Yamaha is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the RPio222 I/O Rack, a compact variation of the current RPio622 I/O Rack for the RIVAGE PM10 Digital Mixing System. The availability of two I/O Rack types will allow easier, more flexible setup of distributed I/O systems.

The RPio222 is a dedicated I/O rack unit for the RIVAGE PM10. While the current RPio622 model fills a 10U rack space, the compact RPio222 requires only a 5U rack space for enhanced installation and placement versatility. The front panel features two RY slots that can accommodate dedicated analog input, analog output, or digital input/output cards. Two Mini-YGDAI slots are also provided, offering compatibility with an extensive range of more than 30 expansion cards. Two rear-panel HY slots allow installation of input/output cards that support TWINLANe, the RIVAGE PM10 system backbone protocol, and Dante protocol for connection to additional network devices.

The RY slot compatible RY16-ML-SILK analog input card is an important factor contributing to the extraordinary sonic quality of the RIVAGE PM10. The RY16-ML-SILK card features hybrid microphone preamplifiers that combine an analog stage built on Yamaha’s traditional transparent, natural sound philosophy, and a digital stage that delivers the musically satisfying sound and unmistakable “air” of Rupert Neve Designs transformer circuitry and SILK processing.

Two independent power supply units are built in, providing power supply redundancy for maximum reliability in critical applications. A future firmware update will make it possible to connect up to eight RPio622 and RPio222 units to a single TWINLANe ring.

The RPio222 offers significantly enhanced flexibility when designing RIVAGE PM10 systems for live sound, live broadcast, hall, theater, and other applications.

“As an I/O expansion unit for the control surface, an I/O unit for applications that demand portability, or a compact I/O for distributed systems, the RPio222 offers new flexibility for a variety of situations,” notes Yamaha Pro Audio Business Unit Director Ken Hiraoka. “We hope that the RPio222 will heighten the flexibility and utility of RIVAGE PM10 systems in an even broader range of working environments.”

The RPio222 is currently scheduled to begin shipping in around August 2016.

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