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Firmware Version 2.2 for the MRX7-D Signal Processor

Jun, 2016

The Yamaha MRX7-D signal processor is a current favorite among users who want flexible, efficient control of complex sound systems with large numbers of inputs and outputs. Firmware update V2.2, enhances the MRX7-D with new components, features that can significantly reduce system design and installation time, and more.

Notable New Features in V2.2

New Components Extend Functionality

The value of the MRX7-D for commercial sound applications is greatly enhanced by new components such as a Level Delay Matrix that allows delays to be applied to individual matrix points, an Effect component that can add ambience to acoustic spaces, and the same type of Pitch Shift FBS (Feedback Suppressor) that is highly regarded in the Yamaha DME series.

New Components

Paging Ducker

A Paging Ducker component with a TRIGGER parameter that specifies its operating conditions is now provided in addition to the existing Ducker component. A ducker senses the presence of audio from a microphone and triggers a reduction in the output level of the music signal for the duration of the page signal.

Effect (Reverb Hall, Reverb Stage, Karaoke Echo, Vocal Echo)

Four new ambience effects can add depth to background music or provide karaoke or vocal echo for parties and events.

Delay Matrix

Up to 500 millisecond delays can be assigned to individual matrix points in this new matrix mixer. This capability can be particularly useful in maintaining optimum speaker output and imaging in banquet rooms where the position of the head table or the direction of seating changes.

Pitch Shift FBS

In addition to the existing notch type FBS (Feedback Suppressor), V2.2 includes a Pitch Shift FBS component that stops feedback loops by shifting the pitch of the feedback frequencies slightly. The user can choose the FBS type that is most effective for different program material and environments.

Transmitter and Receiver

These components improve design sheet organization when working with multiple connections by allowing wires to be hidden for improved legibility.

New Features for Efficient Design

Design and installation efficiency is enhanced by a Signal Path Trace function that makes it easy to pinpoint causes of common operation problems such as unwanted sound output and no sound output, a function to copy port names from component to component for smoother editing, and more.

Improved System Configuration Flexibility

Editing efficiency is improved by the addition of a User Defined Block function that allows multiple components and wiring to be assigned to blocks for improved design sheet organization, plus the ability to copy blocks so that functions can be easily duplicated for a second channel, for example. In this update User Defined Blocks can be protected with a PIN code, and input/output components within blocks can be rearranged as required, adding significantly to overall security as well as flexibility. Other flexibility features include unlimited ability to change the order of YDIF connected devices such as the EXi8/EXo8.

Firmware V2.2 offers notable improvements to both functionality and usability. The MTX-MRX V2.2 firmware update will be available for download from the Yamaha Pro Audio website free of charge.

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