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Nuage Empowers Media Students at Seamedu in Pune, India

June, 2016

The Seamedu School of Pro-Expression was established in Pune, India, in 2008 to provide world-class training for sound engineers and producers in digital filmmaking, animation, game design, visual effects, sound design, broadcast media, and broadcast journalism. The school offers comprehensive facilities and curricula, and has launched many successful careers since 2009.

When planning for a new post-production studio, the Seamedu management and technology team carefully considered available DAW and controller systems with the goal of finding something that would not only fit their existing workflow, but also provide the flexibility needed to prepare students for a diverse industry. The department of sound engineering was focused on acquiring an advanced 7.1 studio that would expose students to the latest technology and industry standards.

Discussions quickly brought the Yamaha product lineup to the top of the candidate list, with Nuage emerging as the top contender once the technical considerations and workflow had been fully analyzed. The Nuage system was acquired through Natraj Electronics in Pune, an authorized Yamaha business partner. Priyanka Ranjan, Yamaha Music India Sr. sales executive for the west region, comments: “Nuage is the perfect solution for Seamedu. This is the first Nuage installation in the Pune area, and we are confident that as the system’s merits become more widely known it will be adopted by more institutions in the near future.”

The Nuage Advanced Production System fits perfectly with our mission to incorporate the newest and most advanced technology in the Seamedu curriculum. The installation consists of two Nuage Fader units and one Nuage Master unit, giving students simultaneous control of 32 channels. The Nuage system will be controlling two industry-standard DAWs: Nuendo 7 and Pro Tools 12.

The Seamedu engineering team is rightfully proud of the new Nuage installation, and looking forward to some great work ahead: “The Nuage hardware integrates seamlessly with Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW software, forming a system that offers unprecedented productivity and flexibility as well as superb audio quality. The system’s optimized workflow, versatility, and editing speed make it easy to manage a variety of recording issues. Nuage places all controls within easy reach, making overall operation fast and efficient.”


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