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Intuitive TF Series TouchFlow Operation™ in Rack-mount Form

Sep, 2016

Shizuoka, Japan, September 1st, 2016 – Yamaha is pleased to announce TF-RACK, the newest model in the TF Series digital mixer lineup.

Ever since the first Yamaha digital mixer* was released in 1987, the company has strived to advance digital mixer technology for a wide range of applications. For small events and halls, large-scale outdoor concerts, music production, commercial installations and more, Yamaha offers a comprehensive lineup that delivers established sonic quality, operability, functionality, and reliability.

Yamaha pro audio business unit director Yoshi Tsugawa comments: “The TF Series consoles were a significant landmark in Yamaha’s 30-year history of digital mixer innovation, launching a new era of ‘intuitiveness.’ Now the TF-RACK adds even more versatility and potential to the TF lineup in a rack-mount configuration that offers the same levels of performance and intuitive operability.”

This space-saving model is accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned engineers. The TF-RACK offers the same smooth, intuitive setup and operation that has made the TF series a popular choice for a wide range of applications, in a compact unit that is ideal for limited spaces.

Firmware version 3.0 for all TF Series models will be released simultaneously with the TF-RACK. Firmware V3.0 not only provides support for the TF-RACK, but also adds convenient features such as the ability to set up limited-access user accounts for each user, and additional QuickPro Presets™ developed in collaboration with Ultimate Ears.

* The DMP7 Digital Mixing Processor.

Main Features

This all-in-one 16+1 stereo in, 16 out rack-mount digital mixer inherits easy, intuitive TF Series operation.

  • Instantly load settings for any situation via a simple scene recall. A number of scenes are preset to give new users a head start, and dual scene memory banks make it easy to organize scenes by music or event type, for example.
  • 1-knob Comp, 1-knob EQ, and more advanced features that are highly valued in other Yamaha products make it possible to achieve a polished sound with minimum effort in the shortest possible time.
  • QuickPro Presets for specific musical instruments and microphones have been designed by respected engineers and manufacturers to provide quick, easy access to effective settings.

… and other features that contribute to easy, efficient operation.

"D-PRE" Microphone Preamplifier and "SPX" Processors

  • Recallable Yamaha D-PRE microphone preamplifiers ensure that every nuance of the original sound is effectively captured.
  • Powerful processing and effects featuring renowned Yamaha SPX processing provide a broad range of options for sonic manipulation.

Wireless Apps That Work Seamlessly with TF-RACK

  • A TF-RACK unit located in the stage wings, can be remotely controlled from an iPad, for example.
  • An app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch allows wireless AUX mix control.

The Same Touch Screen as the TF Consoles

  • TouchFlow Operation™ combines Yamaha’s high regarded Selected Channel and Centralogic™ interfaces with touch screen control for easy, efficient operation.
  • Touch & Turn knobs allow more precise parameter adjustment

Flexible I/O Expandability

  • A comprehensive range of I/O connections via the compact TF-RACK rear panel
  • An optional NY64-D Dante I/O card and Tio1608-D I/O rack are all that is needed for a basic Dante network with high audio quality and low latency

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