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Yamaha Renews the Compact Mixing Amplifier Lineup with MA2030a and PA2030a

Nov, 2016

The compact Yamaha MA2030 and PA2030 power amplifiers with features and I/O optimized for commercial installations have been updated with extra power and functionality. In addition to 8Ω output, the new MA2030a and PA2030a include high-pass and low-pass* filters that make it easier to incorporate subwoofers for enhanced audio quality, plus other features that contribute to improved flexibility and performance in a wider range of applications. With the same easy operation that is highly valued in the current MA20303 and PA2030 models, the new MA2030a and PA2030a are ideally suited for use in restaurants and cafés as well as lecture halls and other institutional environments.

New Features

  • 30 watts into 8Ω drive capability
  • Built-in HPF for smooth incorporation of full-range speakers and subwoofers
  • EQ optimized for VXS10S/ST subwoofers is included, and a built-in LPF in the PA2030a provides easy matching with other subwoofer units

* Built-in LPF provided in the PA2030a only.

More information about "MA2030a/PA2030a"

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