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Daedal Prodigy Adopts the Power of Yamaha’s CL5

Jan, 2017

Daedal Prodigy, a concert production company in Delhi, was looking for a solution that would be ideal for a number of events in the upcoming festive season while also serving as a solid long-term investment. In order to align with industry standards and stay up to date for the long term, the plan was to upgrade to high-end products with ample I/O options and plenty of capacity for future expansion.

Technical discussions with Mr. Sunny Kalra, owner of Daedal Prodigy, Mr. Ayush Khurana, Daedal’s sound engineer, and Mr. Samuel Amulraj, product specialist at Yamaha Music India, made it clear that the company’s workflow and expansion requirements would be ideally met by the CL5 digital mixing console and Rio3224-D I/O rack.

The CL5 is a popular choice for many live-sound rental companies. Its three-section fader layout is designed for efficient hands-on control in a wide range of live sound applications, while its 72 mono and 8 stereo inputs, 24 mixes, and 8 matrix buses offer plenty of I/O and mixing capacity.

Daedal Prodigy’s Mr. Sunny Kalra says that as the first customer to introduce the CL5 into North India he is “proud and happy to take up the Yamaha legacy.” Mr. Kalra adds: “It is a true multi-purpose console that fits just about anywhere and is easy to transport. Another reason we chose the CL5 is that its operation is the same as other Yamaha digital consoles, so all of our engineers who have worked with Yamaha digital consoles before will be able to start using it immediately and quickly familiarize themselves with its many new features. The CL5 can even be used for live multitrack recording and playback without the need for any additional investment in sound cards.”

Commenting on the I/O rack unit, Mr. Kalra notes: “The Rio3224-D has 32 inputs, 16 analog outputs, and 4 stereo AES outputs that connect to the console via a single CAT-5e or CAT-6 Ethernet cable using Audinate’s scalable Dante network, eliminating the need for long analog snakes and saving a considerable amount of time while generally making life easier at events.”

The purchase was handled through authorized Yamaha business partner Mr. Sumit at Elgin Electronics, Delhi.

Mr. Arpan Dhyani, North Region sales executive at Yamaha Music India describes the regional market: “Clients are looking for a digital console with multiple I/O options and expandability for the future. They also want to be able to use the same console for live recording, and appreciate having remote control apps. We are very confident that the CL5 and Rio3224-D will be a perfect choice for Daedal prodigy. Dante networking, the virtual rack, live recording capability, the CL Editor app for PCs, CL StageMix for iPad, console file sharing, and other features will add significantly to our client’s satisfaction.”


Products CL Series , R Series (AD/DA) , CL StageMix
Location Delhi, India

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