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MTX/MRX Series Now Upgraded to Version 3.0

Feb, 07

Automatic Mixer Functions Enhanced through the Use of Dugan Technology: a Perfect Match for Conference Room Facilities.

February.7th .2017. Shizuoka, Japan– Yamaha has announced the launch of Version 3 of our MTX/MRX Series signal processors, which include “Dugan automixer”, at ISE 2017.

In recent years, demand has grown for diverse presentation systems and Internet-capable remote conferencing technologies for use in offices and halls, as well as for sound systems that can handle diverse customer needs.

At Yamaha, through the use of the know-how and technology that we have developed in the areas of large-scale sound equipment for live sound reinforcement (concert sound systems), theaters and so on, in the year 2000 we released the DME32 sound digital mixing engine for audio installations. In 2013, Yamaha expanded their lineup of audio equipment for commercial spaces, offering a lineup that made a variety of functions that are necessary in the sound system used in commercial spaces a reality. Further, in 2015, Yamaha released the MRX7-D signal processor, which included a colorful variety of functions that are useful in a wide range of places like hotels, banquet halls, schools, conference rooms, theaters and so on.

The version 3 of our MTX/MRX Series signal processors, which include “Dugan automixer” automatic mixer functionality—a technology that solves many different audio-related problems when holding conferences. With this new version, Yamaha offers a sonic solution that provides an environment for conferences to be held effectively and efficiently.

Dugan automatic mixers are now known worldwide as the standard in automatic mixing; and ever since the release of Yamaha’s DUGAN-MY16 automatic mixing card, we have worked in cooperation with Dan Dugan Sound Design to feature Dugan automixer functionality on our CL and QL Series digital mixers, as well as on our MRX7-D signal processor, which have all been evaluated highly in the marketplace.

This automatic mixing function raises the gain on microphones that receive input, and lowers the gain on microphones for which there is no input, automatically adjusting each input sound to create an overall constant mixer gain. Automating the faders eliminates the need for troublesome fader operations when there are many microphones in use during presentations, or when even more microphones are in use at panel discussions. This solution also keeps the howling margin at an equal level, to safely deliver the sound with a high level of clarity.

Dugan Automatic Mixing: Overview

1) When no one is talking

When no one is talking, the input level on all microphones is lowered, and the gain levels are set uniformly. At this time, rather than muting each microphone, the gain is distributed between three microphones, so that the total gain remains constant.

2) When one person is talking

When one person speaks, the gain of that microphone instantly rises to 0 dB, and the gain of the other two microphones is lowered. The same thing happens when a different person speaks.

3) When multiple people are speaking

When two people speak simultaneously, the gain level is automatically distributed between the two microphones so that the total gain remains constant, and the gain of the remaining microphone is lowered.

Dan Dugan, CEO of Dan Dugan Sound Design Inc. comments:

I am very pleased that Yamaha has chosen to increase the availability of my Speech System automixing in their processors for installed sound. Adding more automixing channels to the MRX7-D and introducing automixing to the MTX3 and MTX5-D will dramatically increase the versatility of these industry-leading processors.

Yoshi Tsugawa, Yamaha Pro Audio Business Unit Director comments:

Since the release of the signal processor MTX/MRX series, we have received evaluations and requests from many customers. With this version upgrade, the Dugan auto mixer function provides the workload reduction in the conference and presentation system. We can offer safer and more effective acoustic system to your installation projects.

More information

MTX-MRX Editor V3.0.0 for Win10/8.1/7 and firmware V3.00 Download Page

About Yamaha Pro Audio:

Yamaha Pro Audio is known around the globe as a provider of innovative, top-quality solutions for the sound industry. The Yamaha lineup includes a number of world-standard mixing consoles, signal processors incorporating industry-leading DSP technology, power amplifiers based on energy-efficient drive technology, and an extensive range of speakers suitable for everything from live sound to commercial installations. Visit for the latest news and information.

About Dan Dugan Sound Design

Dan Dugan is the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer. Over more than four decades, Dugan auto-mixing technologies have become the standard for management of live microphones in broadcast studios, corporate meetings, live events and houses of worship. The unique algorithm of the Dugan Speech System™ has been employed by Yamaha Pro Audio for several years via plug-in cards and has also been incorporated into Yamaha CL and QL Series consoles.

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