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CL/QL Version 4.1 supports AES67, additional Shure wireless receivers, and more!

Mar, 01

March 1, 2017. Shizuoka, Japan. – Industry standard CL and QL series digital mixing consoles, updated to Version 4.0 in April of 2016, now gain even more connectivity, expandability, and usability with the release of Version 4.1.

New Dante functionality in Version 4.1 includes support for the AES67 interoperability standard. AES67 allows communication with Ravenna, Q-LAN, Livewire, and other audio networks, for significantly improved system expandability. The Dante Device Lock feature that prevents unwanted changes to Dante settings is also supported, enhancing system security in halls and installations that are routinely used by outside operators or operators who bring their own equipment.

The number of supported Shure wireless receivers has also increased. Version 4.0 provided support for the ULXD4D and ULXD4Q. Version 4.1 additionally supports non-Dante devices including the AXT400, QLXD4, and ULXD4. Control and monitoring are supported for all devices, plus transmitter gain control for the AXT400. This marks the 4th stage of a productive Yamaha-Shure collaboration that has been ongoing since 2013. Rob Fuhlbrugge, Senior Director of Engineering and Product Development at Shure says that “We are always trying to continually improve the overall customer experience with our products. The ability to now monitor and control all Shure networked wireless products including Axient, ULXD and QLXD from the CL and QL consoles allows this monitoring and control functionality to be available to a larger number of customers.”

Other new features that boost operability and convenience include one-operation EQ type selection, improved RTA visibility, and patch window effect type and channel name displays. Mounting and patching of the Audinate Dante-MY16-AUD2 Mini-YGDAI card and d&b audiotechnik DS10 Audio Network Bridge are also supported.

Yamaha pro audio business unit director Yoshi Tsugawa notes that: “In the audio networking age, connectivity with third-party products is just as important as the reliability and performance of the products themselves. The Version 4.1 update focuses primarily on AES67 support and interoperability with other devices, further expanding the usability of the CL and QL series digital consoles in a field where they have already become standards. We sincerely hope that the improved functionality provided will be a valuable creative asset for our customers.”


Using AES67 with Dante: an Introduction

Andy Cooper, manager for pro audio application engineering, introduces the new AES67 audio networking standard, explaining when it's needed, how it works with Dante, and showing some system examples.

Yamaha Dante devices with AES67 Guide

Extra Shure Wireless Support from Yamaha CL/QL V4.1

Andy Cooper, manager for pro audio application engineering, explains how Yamaha CL and QL Series V4.1 consoles can be set up to control and monitor the (non-Dante) Shure wireless mic receivers AXT400, ULXD4, and QLXD4. Watch the other videos for more details about additional V4.1 features and controlling Shure ULXD4D and ULXD4Q.

Shure Wireless with Yamaha CL/QL Setup Guide

The New Features of Yamaha CL/QL Series V4.1

Andy Cooper, manager for pro audio application engineering, guides you through the key new features of V4.1 for Yamaha CL and QL Series consoles, which include Dante Device Lock and several improvements on EQ and RTA operations. Watch the other videos for more details about AES67 support and Shure wireless mic receiver control.

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