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A New Control Surface, TWINLANe card, and V1.5 Firmware Enhance RIVAGE PM10 Versatility

April, 2017

April 4, 2017. Shizuoka, Japan. - New components and a firmware update that will further boost the versatility and performance of Yamaha’s highly acclaimed RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing system will be announced at Pro Light + Sound 2017.

The CS-R10-S control surface is approximately two thirds the size of the existing CS-R10, offering the same outstanding operability for environments with limited space. A Dual Console function (to be supported via a future update) will allow two CS-R10 and/or CS-R10-S control surfaces to be connected to a single DSP-R10 DSP engine, so that separate CS-R10-S control surfaces can be used at the FOH and monitor positions, or a CS-R10-S can be used as a sidecar for a CS-R10, for example.

The HY256-TL-SMF is a TWINLANe card that supports single-mode optical fiber. Yamaha’s TWINLANe audio network with up to 400-channel capacity has previously only supported multi-mode fiber connections. The HY256-TL-SMF expands system connection flexibility by also supporting single-mode fiber connections.

In addition to providing support for the new system components, firmware update V1.5 includes an Eventide “H3000 Live” Ultra-Harmonizer plug-in and a Dan Dugan Sound Design automatic mixer plug-in. The original Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer offers outstanding effect quality that has made it an enduring favorite of engineers and musicians everywhere. Now the newly developed H3000 Live plug-in offers that same performance optimized for live-sound applications. Ray Maxwell, Eventide’s vice president of sales and marketing comments: “Eventide is honored to partner with Yamaha to bring these longtime Eventide live sound staple effects to the prestigious RIVAGE PM10 console. Having the classic sound of the H3000 rack processor available in software seamlessly integrated into workflow on the console gives the user unprecedented control and unparalleled sonic flexibility.” The automatic mixer plug-in from Dan Dugan Sound Design provides automatic gain adjustment of up to 64 speech microphones in real time, with finesse and natural balance that would normally require multiple operators. It also suppresses feedback and comb filter effects, freeing the engineer from the need to keep track of numerous faders in challenging unscripted speech situations. Dan Dugan, CEO of Dan Dugan Sound Design adds: “Users of this top-tier series of consoles will be pleased to have plenty of Dugan Speech System channels. We’re providing five groups so that the processing can be divided into as many as five independent automixers”.

“The new RIVAGE PM10 system components have been created to provide greater support for environments where space is limited or existing infrastructure must be accommodated” notes Yamaha Pro Audio Business Unit director, Yoshi Tsugawa. “Firmware update V1.5 focuses on the system’s most important aspect: its sound. Collaboration with Eventide and Dan Dugan Sound Design has resulted in plug-ins that offer significant sonic advantages. A new analog delay and other Yamaha plug-ins have also been added, providing an expanded palette of sound-shaping tools that we sincerely hope you’ll experience for yourself.”

The CS-R10-S, HY256-TL-SMF, and V1.5 firmware are scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2017.


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Introduces a new compact control surface CS-R10-S, a single-mode fiber TWINLANe card HY256-TL-SMF, and a range of new plug-ins for Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 systems.

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Explores some of exciting new features of coming firmware V1.5 for Yamaha RIVAGE PM10.

Eventide H3000 Live

Ray Maxwell, VP of Sales and Marketing for Eventide, introduces new plug-in Eventide H3000 Live, which will soon to be available for Yamaha RIVAGE PM10. Dan Gillespie, DSP engineer at Eventide, explains how Eventide and Yamaha collaborated to capture the essence of their prized H3000 Harmonizer and implement it into the RIVAGE PM10 system.

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