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Apr, 2017

Flexible Dante I/O meets outstanding natural sound.

Enter the world of Network audio and get 16 channels of expandable high-end audio conversion for your DAW! Save up to 25% on bundles containing one Yamaha Dante I/O interface and one AIC128 Accelerator card!

DANTE I/O + Accelerator-Card

Nuage I/O 16A (NIO500-A16) + DANTE ACCELERATOR (AIC128-D): 2699€ (Instead of 3585€)

Nuage I/O 8A8D (NIO500-A8D8) + DANTE ACCELERATOR (AIC128-D): 2399€ (Instead of 3168€)

Nuage I/O 16D (NIO500-D16) + DANTE ACCELERATOR (AIC128-D): 1999€ (Instead of 2679€)

*Only as long as stock lasts.

More about the NIO interface range: Please click here

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