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EQ Presets for Ultimate Ears In-ear Monitors Released

April, 2017

April 21st 2017. Shizuoka, Japan – In cooperation with Ultimate Ears Pro, a foremost manufacturer of custom in-ear monitors for stage, studio, and audiophile applications, Yamaha has released EQ presets for the RIVAGE PM10, CL series, QL series, and TF series digital mixing consoles that have been specifically designed to provide optimum performance with Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors.

Ultimate Ears Pro, established in 1995, has become a leading manufacturer of custom-fitted listening devices for professional use. Ultimate Ears Pro employs innovative technology, including digital ear scanning and printing, to create some of the finest in-ear monitors available.

Wanting to offer the best possible monitoring experience, Yamaha teamed up with Ultimate Ears Pro to develop EQ presets that would deliver the full sonic potential of Yamaha consoles and Ultimate Ears Pro in-ear monitors so that artists have the monitor detail and clarity they need to deliver their best performance. This alliance has resulted in the development of EQ presets for the Ultimate Ears UERM, UE11, UE18, UE4, UE5, UE7, and UE900 in-ear monitors that can be instantly recalled whenever needed on RIVAGE PM10 consoles with firmware V1.2 or later installed, and TF series consoles with firmware V3.0 or later installed. The EQ preset files for CL and QL series consoles can be downloaded from the Yamaha Pro Audio website and loaded into the user area for quick access.

Ultimate Ears sales director Mike Dias comments: “Ultimate Ears has been manufacturing handmade custom in-ear monitors for the world’s top touring artists and engineers for over 20 years. Engineers choose Ultimate Ears because of the reliability, the durability, and the unparalleled customer service. Artists choose Ultimate Ears because of the exceptional fit and comfort and quality of sound. These are the same artists and engineers who depend on Yamaha consoles for exactly the same reasons — sound, service, and quality. And now, with the new Ultimate Ears outboard EQ presets for Yamaha consoles, the combination of Yamaha and Ultimate Ears is even stronger and more compelling. Together, we deliver more value and build more trust on stages all over the world”

Yamaha pro audio business unit director Yoshi Tsugawa notes that:
“In-ear monitoring has become an indispensable part of live sound, and Ultimate Ears has been instrumental in driving that growth. We are most grateful to Ultimate Ears for their cooperation in developing these outstanding EQ presets, and are confident that the outcome of our alliance will prove to be of great value to artists and performers everywhere.”

Loading Ultimate Ears EQ presets into Yamaha CL and QL consoles

Andy Cooper, manager for pro audio application engineering, explains how to load additional EQ presets developed in collaboration with Ultimate Ears, a premier supplier of in-ear monitoring products, to Yamaha CL/QL consoles. The preset library file can be downloaded from Yamaha Pro Audio website:

EQ Presets for Ultimate Ears In-ear Monitors

EQ presets for the Ultimate Ears UERM, UE11, UE18, UE4, UE5, UE7, and UE900 in-ear monitors. [Download]

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