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Smart New Commercial Installation Solutions for Large Spaces

Jun, 2017

Yamaha Corporation will announce the PGM1 paging station microphone, PGX1 paging station extension, MCP1 wall-mount controller, SWR2100P-5G and SWR2100P-10G L2 switches, and ProVisionaire Control custom control panel software at InfoComm 2017, to be held in Orlando, Florida, from June 14, 2017.

Since the MTX series processors, XMV series power amplifiers, and VXS/VXC series speakers were released in 2012, Yamaha has worked to provide a comprehensive lineup of products designed to deliver optimum audio performance in a wide range of commercial environments and applications. This year Yamaha will release a number of new smart sound solutions for large-scale commercial installations, including paging solutions and a software application that allows control of Yamaha mixing consoles and other professional audio devices.

Paging Solutions for Smart Operation in Large Commercial Installations

  • PGM1 Paging Station Microphone
  • PGX1 Paging Station Extension
  • MCP1 Wall-mount Controller
  • SWR2100P-5G and SWR2100P-10G L2 Switches

The PGM1 and MCP1 connect via Ethernet cables, simplifying installation while providing increased flexibility for placement and distribution in large systems. The PGM1 is compatible with Dante audio networks, easily delivering high quality, low latency audio data over long distances. In addition to outstanding functionality and stylish design, the PGM1, PGX1 and MCP1 include buttons that can be assigned to desired functions via the MTX-MRX Editor software application, and the units themselves can be powered via PoE from the SWR2100P-5G and SWR2100P-10G switches. The network and PoE power status of systems built around the SWR2100P-5G and SWR2100P-10G switches can be remotely monitored from the dedicated Yamaha LAN Monitor software application. Yamaha LAN Monitor also allows remote PoE power ON/OFF switching.

Comprehensive Yamaha Device Control from a Single App

  • ProVisionaire Control Custom Control Panel

The ProVisionaire Control application allows comprehensive control of MTX/MRX series digital signal processors as well as CL and QL series digital mixing consoles from a Windows computer. Faders and buttons can be easily arranged on the computer display as required to create custom control panels for control and monitoring. Communication with audio devices can be handled wirelessly or via a hardwired connection for maximum stability and reliability, while four user access levels provide optimum security in commercial installations.

A word from Yoshi Tsugawa, General Manager, Yamaha Pro Audio Division

“InfoComm 2017 will see the addition of 5 new products and 1 control software to our Commercial Installations Solutions lineup, already a favored source of audio solutions for commercial installations around the world. Yamaha audio solutions extend from input to output and include control devices, making up a comprehensive product range that gives our customers everything they need to create high-quality sonic environments.”

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