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High-performance “VXL Series” Slim Line Array Blends with Any Décor

Jun, 2017

Yamaha Corporation will announce a remarkably compact VXL Series slim line array speaker system that is capable of delivering high sound quality in small commercial spaces at InfoComm 2017, to be held in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A from June 14, 2017.

The VXL Series is a surprisingly slim line array speaker system that provides outstanding sonic clarity for speech while simultaneously delivering ample low end for high-quality music reproduction. It is an ideal choice for offices, educational institutions, shopping malls, and other applications where space is limited. The lineup includes six models of different size and color, plus a range of options that allow flexible setup in a wide range of environments.

Slim design blends easily with interior décor

* Tentative specifications

Flexible coverage adjustment

Connect units vertically for wider coverage

Connect units side by side for more focused horizontal dispersion

Single-switch vertical dispersion adjustment

The VXL1-16 and VXL1-24 feature Vertical Coverage Switches that allow the lower vertical dispersion of the array to be easily expanded without having to angle the speakers.

Plentiful options for an extensive range of applications

Transformer box for high-impedance connections. Ideal for multiple speaker layouts.

Bracket for vertical mounting of two arrays, for increased SPL and extra projection.

Bracket for side-by-side mounting of two arrays, for increased SPL and more focused horizontal dispersion that can minimize unwanted reflections from nearby surfaces.

Bracket for 2-axis adjustment of a single array.

Bracket for 2-axis adjustment of a two vertically linked arrays.
* The VCB-L1 and WMB-L1 are used together.

A word from Yoshi Tsugawa, General Manager, Yamaha Pro Audio Division

“Our VXS and VXC series speakers have become go-to items for a variety of commercial installations around the world, and now we’re ready to add a new type of very slim, high-quality line array speaker to the lineup. The VXL Series follows the compact VXS1ML and VXS3S introduced in February of this year, giving our customers further options for achieving outstanding sound quality in any space without disrupting the environment’s visual appeal.”

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