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House of Worship Technologies Conference

Jun, 2018

Yamaha-NEXO offers solutions training and education for today’s church in the latest technology in sound integration, acoustic and knowledge in digital audio networking system.

This conference offers better understanding of digital audio networking, acoustic, real-world solutions, networking, and more importantly, the inspiration that one need to grow within church community.

Whether you are seeking for knowledge, new ideas, new technology, expansion strategy or optimize gear expansion. This is a one day experience, design for and benefit from attending HOW Technologies Conference are:

  • Tech-Pastors, lay leaders,
  • Tech-Directors,
  • Production Managers,
  • Sound operators & Mixing Engineers,
  • Worship Leaders, Musicians,
  • Facility Managers &
  • Practitioners

The conference covering Yamaha-NEXO’s technologies, acoustics, digital audio network System and latest Yamaha digital audio mixing system, via Audio over Internet Protocol – AoIP in the Houses of Worship environment.

Join us as we bring you the latest technology, knowledge and experience the enhanced technology in a worship environment.

RSVP with us.

Admission by RSVP confirmation.

Our Keynote Speaker

Dai Hashimoto

Dai Hashimoto received M.Environ. degree in Environmental Acoustics from University of Tokyo, Japan. He joined Yamaha Corp., Hamamatsu, Japan, 2016. He has been working as an acoustical consultant while carrying out various research project in spatial acoustics. His current work lies in research & development of Yamaha’s acoustic enhancement system, which is called AFC, along with the design and tuning of the AFC System. Hashimoto is also a member of the Acoustical Society of Japan.

Andy Cooper

After graduating in music and electronics from the University of Keele, UK in 1994, Andy became a radio station sound engineer and started using digital mixers and workstations daily in 1996. He joined Yamaha R&D London in 1999 as a digital mixer product specialist and has overseen customer training plans and system designs for digital mixers and audio networks since then. He has taught in more than 45 countries around the world and has presented over 50 YouTube tutorial videos.

Nicolas Poitrenaud

Nicolas began his career in pro audio in 2002 after graduating with a master of science in music and sound engineering from the National Conservatoire of Music in Paris. This gave him opportunities to work as a Free Lance sound engineer for live music applications and, at the same time, as instructor at National AV Institute in Paris. Since 2012, Nicolas has worked for NEXO as a technical and support Engineer. He also holds position as a record and mix engineer for live concerts broadcasted to French TV and Web TV, and an Acoustic and Sound reinforcement lecturer at National Conservatoire of Paris and National theatre school of Lyon.


Location Singapore

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