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Two-Way Design with Outstanding Linearity and Broad Coverage

Advanced two-way design employs high-quality components for smooth, flat response. Emphasis on natural reproduction has resulted in luxurious lows and an extended high-frequency range. Input capacity of up to 250 watts provides plenty of playback power for medium-sized or large retail establishments, CD shops, or rehearsal/karaoke studios.

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Installation Case

With an ultimate retail floor space of 26,500 m², Italy’s Mondovicino outlet village, retail park and shopping centre will be the biggest of its kind in the country. And with Yamaha audio equipment bringing the best audio quality to shoppers, it is certain to offer the ultimate retail experience.

Installation Case

Sweden’s second largest city, Göteborg (Gothenburg) is a key industrial centre and is the largest port in Scandinavia. This, with a population of nearly half a million, means that the city has a lively bar culture, both day and night.