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PX Series Firmware V1.50

Main Revisions and Enhancements

V1.00 to V1.50

Additional functions

  • Parameter editing of the “Speaker Delay” and the “6 Band PEQ” in the speaker processor is now available. (Advanced Mode only)
  • Added the EQ LINK function to the 6 Band PEQ. (Advanced Mode only)
  • SP TUNING DATA Save/Load function is now available, which allows you to save/you’re your speaker processor settings in a USB flash drive. (Advance Mode only)
  • Added the 6 Band PEQ ON indicator to the HOME screen.

Specification changes

  • Speaker impedance setting is now also available from the LIMITER setup screen.
  • Optimized the cooling fan operation for reduced noise (PX5 and PX3 only).
  • Tuned up the operation of the LIMITER in the SP PRESET for each speaker.
  • Enhanced some minor functions.

Bug fixes

  • Solved a problem in which, when PANEL LOCK function is set to ON with the ALL mode, turning the volume knobs with the power OFF situation causes changing the volume setting from the correct value to the volume knob’s value when the power is set to ON.
  • Solved a problem in which the actual result of the Delay Time parameter is different from the setting value (ten times of the setting value, up to 74.0 ms or less).
  • Solved some minor bugs.

License agreement and software

PX Series Firmware V1.50

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