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Dante Network Design Guide

Dante Network Design Guide

Dante is an audio networking technology developed by Audinate. Dante devices on the same network automatically detect each other. This can make setting up a system simpler and thus reduce complexity and potential errors. In this sense, Dante can be thought of as a plug-and-play network technology.

This guide focuses on network design rather than the basic specifications of individual products and Dante network.

Online Seminar

CL/QL Series Online Seminar

Experience our CL/QL series training seminar online!
The features and functions are explained by Leland Green and Jose Perez - the top two most experienced trainers of Yamaha digital mixing consoles. You can follow the contents in order, or choose a paticular video focusing on a topic.

- These videos were created using CL Series firmware V2.0 and QL Series firmware V1.0.
- The latest specifications are subject to change with future firmware updates.

* The subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Russian (partly), Chinese, and Japanese. If your language doesn’t appear, click the settings icon on the bottom right-hand side of the player, click subtitles/CC and click to select your language.

* QL Series Online Seminar is also available.


Yamaha Dante devices with AES67 Guide

This document describes general instructions to connect Yamaha Dante devices with 3rd-party non-Dante AES67 devices.
PDF File [English]

Shure Wireless with Yamaha CL/QL Setup Guide

This document outlines the simple setup procedure of Shure's ULXD4D/4Q, AXT400, ULXD4, and QLXD4 wireless mic receivers with Yamaha CL & QL consoles, and provides tips for deploying a successful system.
PDF File [English]

CL/QL series with KLANG IEM Solutions Guide

This document and videos show how to set up Yamaha CL/QL series consoles with KLANG 3D in-ear monitoring systems via Dante network.
Yamaha CL&QL Series with KLANG In-Ear Monitoring Solutions
Introducing KLANG IEM Products
Setting up KLANG:fabrik with CL Series

CL series Live Recording Guide with Nuendo Live

This guide shows how quick and easy it is to achieve a high quality, live multi-track recording using a Yamaha CL series digital mixer and the bundled software of Steinberg Nuendo Live.

CL/QL series with Aviom Personal Mixer Guide

This guide features a system setup example that shows how to integrate Aviom personal mixers into a Dante network that is based on Yamaha CL/QL series digital mixing consoles.
e-book [English]
PDF File [English]

CL & QL External Surround Metering Guide

This guide provides a step-by-step solution for connecting TouchMonitor TM7 from RTW as an external surround metering device with a Yamaha CL or QL digital mixing console.
e-book [English]
PDF File [English]

Audio Quality in Networked Sound

This white paper presents a summary of the most important quality issues in networked audio systems to support system designers and sound engineers in maximizing their system’s Performance and Response, achieving the maximum Audio Quality and Sound Quality.


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CL/QL Series V4.1

CL/QL Version 4.1 supports AES67, additional Shure wireless receivers, and more!

Yamaha Design "Synapses"

Yamaha Design site "Synapses" describes connections between products and concept keywords.

Exemple d'installation

Créé en 2003, Hir TV fut la première chaîne de télévision « tout info » en Hongrie. Elle est toujours numéro un dans le domaine. Lors d’une rénovation récente de ses installations techniques, une configuration basée sur des consoles Yamaha CL a été mis en place. Elle assure une souplesse et un rapport coût/efficacité exceptionnels.

  • Exemple d'installation

Exemple d'installation

Après avoir convaincu nombre d’ingénieurs du son en spectacle vivant, les consoles numériques Yamaha de la Série CL sont de plus en plus adoptées dans le secteur Broadcast en Europe. C’est ainsi qu’une CL5 est désormais utilisée sur le talk-show le plus ancien de la télévision allemande, 3nach9.

  • Exemple d'installation