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Documentation and Training

Use the video presentations and guides listed here to learn how to get the most out of Yamaha pro audio products at your own pace. Optimum system design and setup as well as operation are the keys to refined sound.

CL series training videos will give you an overall feel for the potential of the CL series digital mixing consoles while helping you to acquire essential basic operation skills.

CL Series Online Seminar

Experience our CL series training seminar online!
The features and functions are explained by Leland Green - one of the most experienced trainers of Yamaha digital mixing consoles. You can follow the contents in order, or choose a particular video focusing on a topic.

1. Hardware Overview
2. System Configuration - Basics
3. Console Operation - Basics
4. Console Operation - Advanced


  • CL firmware version 1.11 was used for this presentation. Some features, such as Dante Setup, have been added in later versions and weren’t available at the time the video was recorded. Refer to the update history on the download page and the owner’s manual for details.
  • Future updates may result in further changes to features or specifications.
* The subtitles are available in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. If your language does not appear, click the menu button at the bottom-right of player and choose it.

The guides listed below provide valuable info that’s focused on specific aspects of console operation: live recording, remote control, and more. You just might find a solution you’ve been looking for. These guides are updated or appended whenever an update or new product is released, so keep coming back for the latest information.

Dante Network Design Guide

This guide focuses on network design rather than the basic specifications of individual products and Dante network.

Owner’s manuals include all information necessary for setup and operation of the corresponding product. In addition to making it easy to search for information via a table of contents and index, owner’s manuals in pdf format allow keyword text searches that can take you directly to the desired info. Yamaha owner’s manuals are created by a dedicated in-house team, and in 1999 Yamaha was the first manufacturer in the industry to make all owner’s manuals available via the internet free of charge, including manuals for legacy products.



Other documents, including product datasheets, can be downloaded from the individual product web pages. The individual product pages can be access from the “Overview” list.

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