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    CL5, R-series and DME deliver Commonwealth Games to Australia

    Australian broadcast sales and rental company Videocraft was commissioned to manage the audio requirements for Channel 10’s live broadcast of the Commonwealth Games. At the heart of the system was a CL5 digital mixing console.

    • Melbourne Australia
    • Aug, 2014

    Yamaha Has All The Answers For Germany’s Longest-Running TV Talk Show

    Already the digital mixing system of choice for many live sound engineers, Yamaha’s CL series is also making significant inroads into the European broadcast market. The most recent project has seen a CL5 installed on Germany’s longest-running television talk show, 3nach9.

    • GmbH
    • March, 2013

    Hir Is The News… With Yamaha

    Established in 2003, Hir TV was Hungary’s first television news channel and continues to be its leading news broadcaster. A recent technical upgrade has seen a Yamaha CL series system installed, delivering exceptional flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

    • Hungary
    • May, 2013

    Yamaha Is Where It’s @

    With ever-increasing broadband speeds, the appeal and practicality of internet-based television has risen dramatically over the past decade. Bypassing satellite broadcasting, web TV allows broadcasters to reach just as big an audience with a much smaller budget. The compact size and competitive price of Yamaha’s CL1 makes it the ideal digital mixing console for this broadcast medium… especially for a very small mobile facility like nobeo GmbH’s @-car.

    • Germany
    • Sep, 2013

    Yamaha Delivers High Quality On A Low Budget For Telegraaf TV

    Since Yamaha introduced the first digital mixer over a quarter of a century ago, digital consoles have had a seismic effect throughout the professional audio industry. Nowadays they can deliver remarkable quality and flexibility at low cost, as proved by a new Yamaha broadcast installation for the Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) in Amsterdam.

    • Netherlands
    • Oct, 2013

    Yamaha CL3s Are iCity Slickers

    The feelgood factor of the 2012 London Olympics may have faded, but its legacy lives on from the state-of-the-art facilities installed to host it. Key amongst these is the former International Broadcast Centre, now transformed as iCity - the home of BT Sport, where five Yamaha CL3 digital mixing consoles are helping to deliver high quality sporting action, both on television and online.

    • UK
    • Dec, 2013

    Ina EXPERT Invests In Yamaha Nuage

    The Institut National de L'audiovisuel (Ina) is one of the most important and influential multimedia and training organisations in France. For nearly 40 years it has been one of the top European training centres for AV and, more recently, the digital media professions. Recognising the importance of Yamaha’s flagship Nuage system to the audio post-production industry, Ina has recently added Nuage to its training portfolio.

    • Fr
    • July, 2013

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