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High quality time-aligned audio

To compensate for reflections and reverberation that can reduce intelligibility, multiple speakers have been located from the front to the rear of the room, each fed a signal delayed by a precise amount so that everyone in the room can hear clearly. Powered monitor speakers have been placed in front of the choir so that they can hear themselves when singing. The monitors are small powered types than can be quickly and easily removed when not needed.

Key Features

  • Yamaha Installation Series speaker systems are used in distinguished theaters around the world for their ability to deliver clear, well-defined sound in reverberant rooms.
  • DXR series powered speakers have compact, low profile enclosures that make them ideal for monitor applications.
  • Speaker processing is handled by the MTX matrix processor, while daily operation can be conveniently carried out via DCP control panels.



Component List

Name IF2108 speaker DXR10 powered speaker DCP4V4S controller DCP1V4S controller XMV4280 amplifier MTX3 matrix
Qty 4 2 1 2 1 1
Name CD-C600RK CD player          
Qty 1          

Cable List

Name analog cable speaker cable: 8Ω CAT5E cable
Length 55m 50m 50m


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