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The Art of Installed Sound

Built on a well-established reputation of superior sound quality and reliability, Yamaha's unprecedented range of professional audio products are ubiquitous in sound reinforcement applications of virtually any scale around the globe. A great deal of this success can be attributed to a design ethic that seeks to maximize the performance and longevity of the component parts of a sound solution while improving overall system management. Utilizing the vast depth of experience and knowledge accrued during the development of such a wide range of professional audio sound systems, Yamaha has been able to develop a unique, comprehensive approach to installed sound applications that is exemplified by the expanding lineup of state-of-the-art products that comprise our Commercial installation Solutions. We are constantly working to ensure that our products and technologies reflect the ever-evolving trends and demands of the installation market— giving Yamaha a significant advantage in creating innovative new solutions that will continue to redefine the market itself.

The Yamaha Difference

Ever since Yamaha's inception, the craftsmen, engineers, and creative minds that help define the Yamaha brand have adopted a singular philosophy in their pursuit to meet, and exceed, the demands of each new challenge. The scope of Yamaha’s influence and experience in numerous markets is without parallel, offering an unrivaled variety of product lines from grand pianos to Hi-Fi components to a range of complete sound solutions for various professional and commercial applications. Through an exhaustive process of studying, refining, testing and introducing new technologies and innovations to each market, Yamaha has developed a truly unique perspective that draws from the vast base of knowledge accumulated through years of designing and manufacturing such a wide array of music and sound related creations.
Distilled into “6 Key Values”, this depth of accrued knowledge and experience served as the foundation behind the development of our Commercial Installation Solutions product lineup. By combining a unique, streamlined overall approach to installed sound, with acclaimed Yamaha product reliability and thorough customer care, this flexible lineup promises to benefit everyone at each stage of the installation process— from installers and contractors, to investors and owners. Most importantly, however, it is the patrons, clients, and customers of each commercial installation that will ultimately benefit from the clarity, tonal quality and musicality of these unique installed solutions that exude the decorated history of the sound specialists of Yamaha.

Commercial Installation Solutions' 6 Key Values

Caring for the Environment

In addition to delivering state-of-the-art technology and advanced solutions, Yamaha has spent years developing and implementing environment friendly policies that are consistent with its role as a member of global society. Some examples of those policies and environment protection activities that extend throughout the worldwide Yamaha group are given below.

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