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Live sound system plus individually zoned private rooms

Here we have a piano bar where a live sound system for live events is provided in the main seating area, in addition to BGM for the main seating area and private rooms. Live sound can be delivered via both the main speakers in the main seating area and speakers installed in the private rooms. The main seating area and private rooms are all assigned to separate zones, allowing different program material to be fed to each with independent volume control.

Key Features

  • DXR series powered speakers are a perfect choice for live events, offering high-definition sound in compact units that are suitable for permanent installation as well as temporary use.
  • Yamaha CIS speaker systems are specially designed for music reproduction and are the best solution for BGM applications, even when only low volume levels are required.
  • Daily operations such as source selection and volume adjustment can be easily carried out via DCP control panels.



Component List

Name VXC4 ceiling speaker VXC6 ceiling speaker DXR12 powered speaker DXR8 powered speaker DXS15 powered subwoofer DCP4V4S controller
Qty 4 12 2 2 1 1
Name DCP1V4S controller XMV8140 amplifier MTX3 matrix MG12 mixer CD-C600RK CD player  
Qty 6 1 1 1 2  

Cable List

Name analog cable speaker cable: 100V CAT5E cable
Length 35m 170m 10m


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