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High quality zoned BGM and stereo TV sound

Speakers have been set up to provide enhanced stereo sound for sporting events shown on video monitors. The inclusion of subwoofers adds realism and a sense of “being there.” The bar and general seating area can be assigned as different zones, allowing different sources to be delivered with independently adjustable volume to suit different events and applications.

Key Features

  • Yamaha CIS speaker systems deliver equally high sound quality whether used at low volume for BGM or higher volume for featured sound.
  • An MTX matrix processor and XMV multi-channel amplifier make it possible to deliver different sources to the bar, main seating area, and washrooms from a central location.
  • The Priority Ducker function provided in the MTX processor automatically reduces the volume of the music when announcements are made via a microphone.



Component List

Name VXC4 ceiling speaker VXC6 ceiling speaker VS4 speaker VXS5 speaker VXS8 speaker VXS10S sub woofer
Qty 2 12 2 8 8 4
Name DCP4V4S controller XMV4280 amplifier XMV8280 amplifier XMV4140 amplifier XMV8140 amplifier MTX5-D matrix
Qty 4 1 1 1 1 1
Name MTX3 matrix CD-C600RK CD player        
Qty 1 1        

Cable List

Name analog cable speaker cable: 8Ω speaker cable: 100V CAT5E cable
Length 10m 330m 85m 25m


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