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Solid Reliability in Any Application

Digital audio networking has brought vastly increased system design and setup flexibility to the live sound scene. Since signal routing can be largely handled via virtual connections rather than physical connectors, cabling is reduced, power amplifier and recording systems can be easily integrated, and virtual patching provides almost unlimited re-routing freedom. Consistently superior sound quality is an advantage too.

Dante network protocol and a large selection of compatible products are the keys to flexible setup and high system reliability. CL series consoles and Rio I/O units can be combined in straightforward daisy-chain systems, while more complex live recording systems or systems integrated with Nuage can be built around Dante Virtual Soundcard software.

A Simple Daisy-chain Network with TF series and Tio1608-D

Tio1608-D allows you to easily expand a TF digital mixer system up to 40ch inputs/24ch outputs. System setup uses a Plug In & Play method. Simply connect Cat5e cable, select the device IDs and the system is ready. Remote HA control is available via Cat5e. StageMix and MonitorMix App allows wireless remote control of the console from the arena, the stage or the audience etc.

A Flexible, Reliable Star Network with CL series and Rio

The standard Dante network uses a gigabit network switch in a star configuration. Network connections can be doubled for redundant operation so that the system remains operational even if a fault occurs in a network cable or device. If live recording is a requirement it’s easy to add Dante Virtual Soundcard and Steinberg Nuendo Live running on multiple computers. And if R series I/O racks are used with CL series consoles the Gain Compensation function makes it possible for multiple CL consoles to share Rio racks.

Dante Systems with M7CL or LS9 Consoles

A Dante-MY16-AUD card plugged into the expansion slot makes M7CL and LS9 consoles compatible with Dante networks as well. This also means that R series I/O rack analog gain can be controlled directly from the console via the Dante network (refer to the HA Remote Control Guide for details). And as in other Dante systems, all you need for advanced live recording capability is to add Dante Virtual Soundcard and Steinberg Nuendo Live running on a personal computer.

The HA Remote Control Guide is available here.

CL Series and NEXO NXAMP Integration

Plug an NXDT104 Dante Network Card in to a NEXO NXAMP and communication with CL series consoles becomes possible via the Dante network. In addition to basic audio data transmission and reception, NXAMP discovery and patching can be controlled from the CL series touch-screen display. Not only do you have Dante connections from system input to output, but you have notably enhanced operability as well.

Live Sound + Post Production

In this example a live sound system consisting of CL series consoles and R series I/O racks is linked to a Nuage Advanced Post Production System via Dante. Dante makes it convenient to implement a fully digital networked audio system like this in hall or theater complexes that include a recording room. Although multiple CL series consoles share R series I/O racks in the system shown, the Gain Compensation function ensures that no gain conflicts occur.

A 96 kHz System Using a PM5D and R Series I/O

Here we have a PM5D console, DME64N digital mixing engine, and Rio I/O racks working together in a 96 kHz system. Sources fed to the Rio rack are mixed by the PM5D, processed by the DME64N, and then returned to the Rio rack unit for output. Dante handles even relatively complex routing like this easily with a minimum number of physical connections by allowing flexible virtual patching from the Dante Controller software.

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