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01V96 Firmware V1.08 for Win XP/2000/Me/98

Important Notice

Fixed Bug

  • There was a problem that some MY-Cards were occasionally not recognized properly when inserted into a slot, which sometimes prevented the console from being launched, and showed an error message indicating that the consumption current exceeded the limit. The new version has fixed the problem by changing the determination method for MY-Cards.

System Requirements

OS Windows XP Professional / XP Home Edition / 2000 / Me / 98SE
CPU Intel Pentium/Celeron 433MHz or faster
Memory 128MB or more
HDD 5 MB or more
Display 640 x 480 pixels, 256 colors or higher High Color 16bit recommended
Other USB port

License agreement and software

01V96 Firmware V1.08 for Win XP/2000/Me/98

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