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To customers who use multiple CL units as one system

Important Notice

For a system with multiple CL units you will need to restore the settings of each device about the Dante audio network after updating the CL firmware. Follow the instructions below with the CL unconnected to audio network.
Refer to the update guide for the update procedure.

1. If the backup data is stored in the USB memory, load it to the CL.

2. Determine CONSOLE ID and the SECONDARY PORT functionality in the DANTE SETUP screen of the CL, and then turn off the CL.

3. Restart the CL.
   Configurations of the DANTE SETUP are memorized in the CL. The ACCESS indicator is displayed in the function access area during memorizing.

4. When the ACCESS indicator disappears, wait for about 10 seconds and turn the power off again.

5. Connect the Rio and the CL to the network with its power turned off.

6. Turn on the Rio.
   You can turn on multiple Rio units at the same time.

7. Turn on the first CL.
   The patching of the CL and the Rio is executed. During patching, the PATCHING indicator is displayed in the function access area. Wait until the indicator disappears. (If the number of the unit is large, it takes a few minutes.)

8. Open the DANTE SETUP screen, make sure that the VIRTUAL indicator of the Rio disappears.

9. Turn on the second CL.

Repeat the steps 7 and 8 for each CL unit.

CL series firmware.

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