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Dante Virtual Soundcard

Important Notice

Installing and activating Dante Virtual Soundcard

If you have purchased a product such as CL/QL series, Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D bundled with a license of Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS), you can use the DVS token supplied with your product to redeem a license as follows.

1. Download the DVS.

  • The DVS is available for download from Audinate's website.
    i. Go to Audinate's website:
    ii. Navigate to Products > Dante Virtual Soundcard.
    iii. If not already logged in, you will be asked to log in or register before continuing.
    iv. Download either version of DVS depending on your OS.
  • For details on the system requirements and important notes, refer to the web page above or the Dante Virtual Soundcard User Guide.

2. Obtain your license ID.

  • Use your DVS token bundled with your product to obtain a licence ID for DVS. Your DVS token serial number is printed on the leaflet supplied with your product (The serial number on the leaflet is not a license ID).
    i. Go to Audinate's website:
    ii. Navigate to Products > Redeem DVS Token
    iii. Enter your DVS token serial number.
    iv. The license ID will be emailed to you immediately.

3. Install and activate the DVS.

  • i. Double-click the DVS installer file and follow the on-screen instructions.
    ii. Start up the DVS and navigate to Licensing tab.
    iii. Enter the license ID and click Activate while the PC has access to the internet.
  • Now you can run the DVS on your PC.
  • For further information, refer to the Dante Virtual Soundcard User Guide.

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