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Yamaha Console Extension V2.0.0 for Win8.1/8/7(32-bit)

Important Notice

  • “Yamaha Console Extension” is a software plug-in developed by Yamaha to enhance the functions of Steinberg Nuendo Live DAW software. Simply by installing Yamaha Console Extension and connecting a Yamaha Digital mixer (such as the CL series) to your computer, you can take advantage of various features which enable you to link Nuendo Live with the Yamaha consoles.
  • QL has been added as a known target device for “CL” Extension, therefore, the name was changed from CL Extension to Yamaha Console Extension.

Yamaha Console Extension Compatibility

Main Revisions and Enhancements


  • The channel names and colors of a connected console can now be copied to Nuendo Live as desired manually.
    In the Nuendo Live menu: [Project] -> [Get Track Name/Color from Connected Console]
  • The description of a marker can now be edited from a console.

License agreement and software

Yamaha Console Extension V2.0.0 for Win8.1/8/7(32-bit)

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