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OS X El Capitan (10.11) Compatibility information

We are currently testing the compatibility of Yamaha products with Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11) operating system.
The compatibility information for each softwares and drivers will be regularly updated on this page, please see the chart below in order to see the current support status.

Status of each software and driver

[Testing] Studio Manager V2 Host 
[Testing] CL Editor
[Testing] Yamaha Console Extension (ex. CL Extension)
[Testing] QL Editor
[Testing] R Remote
[Testing] TF Editor
[Testing] M7CL V3 Editor 
[Testing] LS9 Editor 
[Testing] PM5D V2 Editor / DSP5D Editor 
[Testing] DM2000 V2 Editor
[Testing] DM1000 V2 Editor
[Testing] 02R96 V2 Editor
[Testing] 01V96i Editor 
[Testing] SPX2000 Editor
[Testing] Network-MIDI Driver
[Testing] USB-MIDI Driver (PM5D / DM2000 / DM1000 / 02R96 / 01V96 / SPX2000)
[Compatible] Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver *1
[Testing] TOOLS for NUAGE
[Testing] Dante Accelerator Driver / Firmware
[Compatible] Yamaha Console File Converter V3 

3rd Party product

[Testing] Dante Controller (by Audinate)
[Testing] Dante Virtual Soundcard (by Audinate)
*1 We have confirmed the audio dropouts (both in recording and playback) when running with OS X 10.11.1.

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