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Dante-MY16-AUD2 Firmware V4.0.8.6

Important Notice

  • The firmware is exclusively designed for Dante-MY16-AUD2. Please do not apply it to Dante-MY16-AUD.

Please use appropriate version of Dante Firmware Update Manager.

Use Dante Firmware Update Manager v3.10.6.2 or later for Windows, and Dante Firmware Update Manager v3.10.6.2 or later for macOS.

Please do not use the EEE function (*) of network switches in the Dante network.

While the power management will be negotiated automatically between switches that support EEE function, some switches do not have that function or perform the negotiation properly. This may cause EEE to be enabled in the Dante networks where it is not appropriate, resulting in poor synchronization/performance and occasional dropouts.

Therefore we strongly recommend that:

  1. If you use managed switches, ensure that they allow EEE to be disabled. Make sure that EEE is disabled on all ports used for real-time Dante traffic.
  2. If you use unmanaged switches, make sure not to use network switches that support the EEE function, since EEE operation cannot be disabled in these switches.

* EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) is a technology that reduces switch power consumption during periods of low network traffic. It is also known as Green Ethernet and IEEE802.3az.

  • Dante supported mixers and processors of Yamaha have a built-in Dante module, and their firmware will needs to be updated accordingly.

Main Revisions and Enhancements


New Functions

  • Now supports the HA remote operation in Dante domains.
  • MY16-AUD2 card can be added to the DDM (Dante Domain Manager) server supported by Audinate.
  • The “AES67” function is now supported.

Note: In order to effectively utilize the functions described above, use Dante Controller v4.0.6.5 or later.

License agreement and software

Dante-MY16-AUD2 Firmware V4.0.8.6

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