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Network Driver V1.2.2 for Win (Previous version)

Important Notice

  • If you uninstall the driver V1.2.0/1.1.3/1.1.2 from the "Add or Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" control panel, Yamaha software such as Studio Manager or DME Designer may not operate properly. When updating the driver from V1.2.0/1.1.3/1.1.2, uninstall the driver by double-clicking "setup.exe" for the latest driver, restart your computer, and then install the latest driver. If Yamaha software does not operate properly, uninstall and install the software again.
  • The DME-N Network Driver must be installed on your computer for controlling the DME, DSP5D, M7CL, or LS9 via Ethernet.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed a problem in which the MAC address of the device was not detected in the DME-N Network Driver dialog box and the Advanced Setting dialog box under the following condition in Windows 7 / Windows Vista, when the IP address of computer was changed (such as in a change of networks) after the computer was powered on:
    - One or more devices were already registered in the Target Device List.

System Requirements

  • The Network Driver applies to the system requirements of DME Designer or Mixer Editors.

License agreement and software

Network Driver V1.2.2 for Win (Previous version)

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