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PM5000 Firmware V1.06 for Win

Important Notice


  • Two modes are implemented for the channel on/off LED behavior while using the mute master function.

How to use

  1. Press and hold [MUTE] button and turn on the power, then the setting menu will be shown. [BLINK] or [STATIC] mode can be selected. This mode setting will be kept in the back up memory area, until this setting is changed again. The previous version has only the equivalent of blink mode. In this case, for example, when a mute master is activated for the finale, the engineer has to see blinking switches through the entire show until the finale, which is irritating for the engineer.
  2. Sometimes a popping noise caused by inconsistent timing of changing relay off/on is heard while CUE is switched from OFF to ON. This is improved by adjusting the relay off/on timing.

License agreement and software

PM5000 Firmware V1.06 for Win

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