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PM5D V2 Editor V2.2.5 for Mac OS X 10.4-10.6 (Previous version)

Important Notice

  • The PM5DV2 Editor is for use with the Studio Manager V2 Host and USB-MIDI Driver. Be sure to use the latest versions of both the Studio Manager V2 Host and USB-MIDI Driver. Both are available from this site.
  • Use the Editor with the supported firmware listed in the following table. Using an unsupported Editor/firmware combination may result in data corruption and unexpected behavior. If a failure occurrs, turn the power ON while pressing the [STORE] key on the panel, and then select INITIALIZE ALL MEMORIES to restart normally.
  • Mac OS "Rosetta" technology is needed to run the editors for PowerPC architecture on your Intel-based Mac, but Mac OS X Lion (10.7) no longer supports Rosetta.
    If those editors are essential for you, please do not upgrade to Mac OS Lion (10.7). Or please upgrade your editors to the latest version which support Intel-based Mac.

PM5DV2 Editor/Firmware Compatibility (Mac/ Power PC)

PM5DV2 Editor Studio Manager V2 Host PM5D V2 Firmware
2.2.5 2.3.2, 2.3.1, 2.3.0 2.25
2.2.3 2.3.1, 2.3.0 2.23
2.2.2 2.2.1 2.22
2.2.1 2.20
2.1.1 2.1.8 2.11
2.1.0 2.06, 2.05
  • PM5DV2 Editor for PowerPC cannot run simultaneously with M7CL V3/LS9/DSP5D Editors.
  • Files saved using later Editor or console versions cannot be loaded into earlier versions.
  • Communication with the Editor automatically goes offline while the PM5DV2/DSP5D is loading a file or synchronizing for cascade connection. Synchronize the editor with the PM5DV2/DSP5D after the process is completed.
  • The PM5DV2 Editor cannot go online until the BUSY indicator at the top of the display (in the constant display area) goes out after the PM5DV2 is started. Synchronize the PM5DV2 Editor with the PM5DV2 after the BUSY indicator goes out. For the DSP5D, wait for a while after startup to synchronize the DSP5D Editor with the DSP5D as well.
  • The following operations cannot be performed on the editor when cascade connection is enabled.
    - Scene and library editing (copy, move, undo, clear, or store).
    - "PC to Console" synchronization (DSP5D).

Known problem when used on the new OS

  • The BATTERY status picture may not appear properly in PREFERENCE page. (Mac OS X 10.6)

Fixed bug

  • Fixed a problem in which the signal processing and screen statuses were not identical when patching the same port simultaneously to each Insert Out in the Input Patch library and Output Patch library by for example, recalling a library which inserts the same GEQ module.

System Requirements

OS Mac OS X: 10.4 or lator(10.5.8/10.6.X for the PM5DV2 Editor V2.2.6 or higher)
CPU Power Mac G4 or higher
Memory 512MB or more
HDD 100 MB or more
Display 1024 x 768 pixels or higher; High Color 16-bit or higher
Other Pointing device such as a mouse, USB port
Caution Use the PowerPC when using the Editor V2.2.5 or earlier.

License agreement and software

PM5D V2 Editor V2.2.5 for Mac OS X 10.4-10.6 (Previous version)

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