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Rio3224-D Firmware V1.14 (Previous version)

Important Notice

  • The [PREVIEW] key and Help functions will be available in future updates.
  • Integrated function with Nuendo Live works only with the CL CONSOLE that is set to ID#1.
  • When multiple PCs running DVS are connected, the CL CONSOLE will only integrate with Nuendo Live on the PC which has the lowest RACK No. on the CL CONSOLE.
  • You need to update the Dante-MY16-AUD firmware to V3.3.9 or later before using the Dante-MY16-AUD with the CL series firmware V1.14.

CL/QL/R Compatibility

Please make sure to use appropriate version of CL Editor which is compatible with your CL firmware in reference to the following compatibility chart. Using an unsupported Editor/firmware combination may result in unexpected behavior.
The Firmware Set is a set of main (and sub) firmware of the device and the Dante firmware. The version of Firmware Set is the same as the version of the main firmware. Refer to the release note of each firmware about the details of the Firmware Set.

CL Series QL Series R Series
Editor Firmware Set Editor Firmware Set Firmware Set
2.0.4 2.0.4 1.08 1.08 2.00
2.0.0 2.03 1.0.3 1.07
1.7.0 1.70 1.02 1.02 1.70
1.01 1.01
1.5.1 1.61 - - 1.61
1.5.1, 1.5.0 1.51 1.51, 1.50
1.1.4 1.15 1.15
1.14 1.14
1.1.0 1.12 1.11
1.0.0 1.04 1.02

R Series Firmware Set

Firmware Set Main Dante
2.00 2.01 - - 1.2.1
1.70 1.70
1.61 1.61
1.51, 1.50 1.51, 1.50
1.15 1.15
1.14 1.14 - - 1.0.8
1.11 1.11
1.02 1.02 - - 1.0.4

Main Revisions and Enhancements

Fixed bug

  • Solved a network problem in which the device detection or the patch configuration recall was too slow in large-scale Dante system.

Known issues

  • If the Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) is patched to the CL series device using the Dante Controller, the patching may not be recalled correctly when the CL series device is restarted. Patch the DVS again.
  • In an environment with two or more CL series devices, the following malfunctions may have occurred with the I/O RACK OUTPUT PATCH pop-up window.
    A port patched to a different CL series device could not be canceled, but a message would appear, indicating that the port could be canceled.

License agreement and software

Rio3224-D Firmware V1.14 (Previous version)

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