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RMio64-D Firmware V4.11 for updating with R-Remote

Important Notice

Please do not use the EEE function (*) of network switches in a Dante network.

Although power management should be negotiated automatically in switches that support EEE, some switches do not perform the negotiation properly. This may cause EEE to be enabled in Dante networks when it is not appropriate, resulting in poor synchronization performance and occasional dropouts.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that:
  1. If you use managed switches, ensure that they allow EEE to be disabled. Make sure that EEE is disabled on all ports used for real-time Dante traffic.
  2. If you use unmanaged switches, make sure to not use network switches that support the EEE function, since EEE operation cannot be disabled in these switches.

* EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) is a technology that reduces switching power consumption during periods of low network traffic. It is also known as Green Ethernet and IEEE802.3az.

Caution when updating

CL/QL/RIVAGE/R/Tio Series Editor/Firmware/R Remote Compatibility

Please make sure to use appropriate version of CL Editor or QL Editor which is compatible with your console firmware in reference to the following compatibility chart. Using an unsupported Editor/firmware combination may result in unexpected behavior.
The Firmware Set is a set of main (and sub) firmware of the device and the Dante firmware. The version of Firmware Set is the same as the version of the main firmware. Refer to the release note of each firmware about the details of the Firmware Set.

Main Revisions and Enhancements

V4.10 → V4.11

New Function

  • Now supports Dante Domain Manager. To use Dante Domain Manager, update Dante Firmware to V4.0.8.2.

Fixed Bug

  • Fixed a problem where Dante [SYSTEM] indicator may flash in red when many Dante Patches are set, even though the main unit is working normally.


former version information.

RMio64-D Firmware V4.10

New Function
  • Now supports AES67 standard for audio-over-IP interoperability.
  • Now supports “Dante Device Lock” function.
  • Now supports the firmware update function of R Remote (V4.1 or later).
Fixed Bug
  • Solved a problem of SRC control from the NUAGE Workgroup Manager when SRC is set to ON.
  • Solved some other minor problems.
  • Added DHCP, Static IP (Auto), and Static IP (Manual) to the IP address setting of RMio64-D in addition to Auto IP. The IP address setting can be changed from R Remote.
    You can download R Remote from the following webpage:
    R Remote download page: Windows / Mac

When the device is restored to the factory settings, the IP address setting is set to “Auto IP.”

RMio64-D Firmware V3.11

Please refer to the "RMio64-D Firmware V3. 11 Release Notes".

License agreement and software

RMio64-D Firmware V4.11 for updating with R-Remote

You also need to download these files.

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